My Interest In Fracking For Natural Gas

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I am very interested in fracking for natural gas and how it can cause environmental and economic issues. Our class central idea is global opportunities may create conflict between people or other living things. Our group’s topic is finite resources, how to access them, and how they cause conflicts.

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Our group’s central idea is opportunities from finite resources contribute to conflicts between living things. If you don’t know what fracking is this paper will tell you. And the environmental and economic issues, that is another story that I will also be telling you about. What about the prevention of these issues, that is also something that you can learn from me.       

What is fracking? Some of you probably don’t know. Fracking is a process that injects liquids at a very high pressure into shale rock. They frack into shale rock because it has small pockets of natural gas. When the water has gone on the correct path, concrete/cement goes down the sides of the water. After the cement hardens a device called the perforating gun goes into the hole. This gun blasts small cracks in the cement and the sand, that was dropped in with the water, holds the cracks open when the water is removed. This is now called groundwater, this water is now very chemically active. The pockets of natural gas are released because of the perforating gun. When they suck up the water, the natural gas comes with it. It travels to the surface to be seperated. We can use natural gas for many different things like electric fires, electricity, cars and many more. Fracking has going on for more than 60 years and can date back to about 1862. However, the process has changed overtime. For example, in the 1930s drillers started using a non-explosive substitute called acid instead of nitroglycerin, a liquid usually used in explosive such as dynamite. They would use this explosive liquid for the perforating gun, to blast holes in the cement.       

What kind of issues can fracking have on the environment and the economy? Many, actually. First, I’ll start with the economy. It can help the economy from producing many job opportunities to large tax revenues collected by state and local governments. It is also essential in keeping energy costs low for consumers. A tax revenue is the income that is gained by governments through taxation. It can hurt the environment by doing many things. For example, when in the fracking process it might incounture aquifers, they serve as sources of drinking water, so fracking pollutes water drinking sources. Fracking can also cause earthquakes, so frackers must be careful in which where they frack. Millions and billions of gallons of water is used to ensure the fracking process is done correctly. When they do not have enough water from where they are they have permission to take water from lakes and or rivers.       

What can we do to help prevent fracking? There are very many things we can do, but which ones would be helpful and could bring a change. We could make a petition to stop fracking. Or we could tell fracking companies different perspectives on fracking or how fracking can cause issues according to the environment and the economy. Anything we do most likely won’t stop fracking. But we can still try knowing that we can do something. Different people have very different perspectives on fracking. For example, I had an over email interview with someone and I asked him if the bad things that come from fracking outweigh the bad things that come from fracking and he said yes by far.       

People have very different perspectives on fracking. There are very many different issues that come from fracking. And I taught you what fracking is. I can teach you about a lot of things about fracking, but sometimes it’s not enough to do what you want to do.

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