My Career Planning


The purpose of this paper is to exhibit my personal and professional ongoing development within the first five-years post-graduation.

Transition Into The Professional Nursing Role

After graduating from Chamberlain University, I plan to live and seek employment in New York State. To gain employment in New York, one must have a Registered Nurse (RN) license. Before getting the RN license in NY, one must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Before taking the NCLEX, one will need an Authorization to Test (ATT). To get the ATT, one will need to apply at the board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB) and then pay the exam fees which grant you access to register with Pearson VUE. After completing all these steps, then you will schedule your exam date with Pearson VUE. After completion, you will need to wait for 7 days to get your result with states if you pass or fail (Before the Exam, 2018). According to the New York State Education Department, to be licensed and registered as an RN, one must be of a good moral character, at least eighteen years of age, meet education requirement, examination requirement, apply for an RN license with NYSED and complete a child abuse coursework and infection control coursework (Office of the Professions, 2018).

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The positions I plan to work as a new graduate student in NY are Mount Sinai Health System in the Medical Surgical Department, Visiting Nurse Services of NY as a Hospice RN or New York University Hospital in their residency program as a floater. Working at Mount Sinai Health System in the Medical Surgical Department as a new graduate nurse requires working night shifts and holidays which is the detractor but the motivator is that one gets to practice their skills, build a nurse-client relationship and promote patient safety. Working at Visiting Nurse Services of NY as a Hospice RN helps in having flexibility of schedule which helps in the balance between one’s professional life and home life but the detractor is not practicing skills learned and safety of environment as you are visiting patient’s home. Gaining opportunity at New York University Hospital in their residency program as a floater increases critical competencies, reduce nursing turnover and achieve higher levels of patient-centered care but the detractor is the salary is less than a regular register nurse gets.

Holistic Life Balance

Holistic care treats a whole person’s mind, body, and spirit which means combining traditional and complementary medicine. The purpose of a holistic healthy life in balance is to connect the factor of overall health and wellness of a person. According to Merrill, holistic nursing is defined as all nursing practice that has healed the whole person as the main goal (Merrill, 2018). Holistic care encourages nurse to integrate holistic approach when taking care of a patient which include relaxation techniques, listening/ watching the television and promoting rest. Nurses that incorporate holistic care when caring for patients accept that holistic care believes healing is an innate and natural process. The holistic care I intend to utilize within the first year is diet, exercise, massage therapy and counseling if needed. In the role as a professional nurse, I intend in participating in a meditation group which helps in reducing stress and anxiety and learning how to prioritize which helps in reducing errors.

Stressor And Challenge

Stressors and challenges, I as a new nurse can face are transitioning skills learned from school to workforce, burnout and workload stress. According to AACN (2018), a new nurse tends to face a lot of challenges such as transitioning skills learned from school to workforce due to workload stress, lack of no preceptor mentorship and the dynamic of the environment. According to Macken & Hyrkas, retention and fatigue are other challenges new nurses face (2014). It is important for nurse managers to create democratic leadership skills by working with nurses to create cooperation, collaboration, provide support, resource, provide room to learn and grow (opportunity) and promote patient safety.

Lifelong Learning

The first-year goal is to obtain employment in one of the employers mentioned above. After employment, hope to have transitioned effectively from skilled learned from school to workforce, promote safety, patient-centered care and build rapport with patients and other interdisciplinary. Within five years of graduating, I hope to have been started pursuing my Master’s Degree in Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Professional Contribution

As a nurse, it is important to practice community health promotion and education because the community-based nursing focus of care is families and individual which cross path with day to day patient-centered care. One of my plans is to organize a health fair in the center that I volunteer in, in which I will be assessing vital signs, providing resources to manage one’s health and provide teaching if needed. It is important for me to well informed and updates about regulations and technology improvement. My professional nursing development related to monitoring outcomes data for patient quality and safety include participating in the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN).


Areas of nursing create opportunities for experienced nurses and new graduates to provide patient-centered care, promote safety, teamwork, and collaboration. Transition into the professional nursing role includes self-care, advocacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, patient safety, time management, and organization skills.

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