My Attitude to Fracking in USA

There are a lot of things in The United States of America , methods , that a lot of others don’t exactly agree with. Whether that is tThe President , where our government is headed , Congress , etc. One of the most controversial topics of America is fFracking.

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Fracking , a method that is when a mixture of water , rock and sand are drilled into the deepest rock with the highest pressure. With this method , comes a lot of pros and cons. Fracking can help reach resources of oil and gas that are difficult to reach , it boosted our oil production and it helps with our gas prices. However , there always seems to be consequences. Fracking causes earthquakes , not only that but it causes many homes that have families to have contaminated water. Those are only to worry about , unfortunately.

      My claim for this is that I believe that Fracking should not be used , at all. Benefits are effective and are pretty obvious to see , but there is just too much at stake. Benefits that do help human beings but with a price , it affects everything else too. I do not believe that we should use fracking as there is too much at stake , between contaminated water to really bad earthquakes. Earthquakes that can damage homes ,to breaking tens of thousands of systems that people use for everyday life. These consequences as well , they last for a long time and fracking doesn’t do a thing to help.

       There are multiple concerns that are caused by the consequences of fracking and one of these concerns are environmental concerns. Animals are suffering these consequences , they are dying. Which also affects their ecosystems and their habitats. Fracking uses huge amounts of water that cost a lot of money that can be used to go feed the homeless or to help those who don’t have health insurance. During fracking , chemicals that are dangerous are released and it results in contaminated water. Fracking causes a lot of consequences, more consequences than benefits. Professionals have stated that fracking isn’t just a controversial topic , it distracts others from what is really important . Not setting a good example as it teaches others to use fossil fuels instead of renewable sources of energy.

       Fracking ,itself is a damaging method. Drilling multiple holes into the earth to pump a nasty mixture of water , salt and sand , that isn’t healthy. It seems that fracking causes more consequences than benefits , which it does. Benefits that help everybody but like I have said previously , too much is at stake. It’s not healthy for the earth to pump in water , sand and salt. It’s not healthy to have earthquakes that destroyed thousands of home and systems. It is not healthy to have animals go extinct . It is not healthy to have families drink contaminated water , and instead of spreading pollution we should be trying to stop it.

     To finish up this C-E-R, I do not believe we should use fracking. It is not healthy for the earth which is already suffering from pollution and climate change. Fracking have been banned from national parks. Many say that fracking is dirty fossil fuel that doesn’t do anything but damage the earth , which I agree with. If fracking continues , the effect will spread. More earthquakes will happen , they will be stronger and longer . Contaminated water will spread as well as pollutions . Animals will die off , eventually their environments will too and that will affect our environment.

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