Marine Corps Ball

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To Madison Beer,

I hope that this letter from me finds you in good health. I realized that it has been long since we talked and so I decided to write this to you to invite you to the Marine Corps ball. I am honored to invite you to this spectacular event. I am requesting you to accompany me to the 237th Marine Corps Ball which is going to be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on Saturday the 2nd of September 2017. You do not need a map to the venue since I will be going with you. I am Edward, a marine Corp and I undertook to inform you because I know you are very supportive of our defense forces and so you will avail yourself for the event.

It is my pleasure to tell you that the Marine Corps will be having their birthday party at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on the 2nd of September. There is going to be lots of entertainment. Many other VIPs will be attending the event. Three of them have already confirmed that they will be present so you do not have to fear that you will be lonely. There will be drinks and snack. Your presence at the party will be highly appreciated as we want to identify with successful people like you who offer much support to the defense forces of this great nation with unwavering support.

The event will be starting at 6.30 pm. I have already reserved a place for you among the VIPs because I really want you to come with me. You are going to have an evening that you will not forget something you can tell your family and friends about. The whole experience is usually very moving and I am sure you are going to enjoy it.  This is a great opportunity for you to show how much you support the armed forces of our great nation. These people give the citizens of this country the opportunity to lead free lives without the fear that the citizens of many countries experience to date. This is your opportunity to show your appreciation to these great men who protect our nation. This is what you should be having in your mind as you go to the party.

Be prepared for some fun and photo taking. You will meet many people and have the opportunity to make new friends. You will have the chance to interact one-on-one with these great men who are responsible for the protection of every citizen and even shake hands with them. Trust me it is a nice place to go, do not be hesitant. You are going to hear the stories of Marine Corps as they give accounts of the encounters they have been though in their lives as Marine Corps. I am ready to take yopu there on time so that you will have time to talk and interact with these wonderful people before the main ceremony starts.

At the ceremony you are going to be treated quite well. It will be ensured that you are comfortable where you are. You will be amazed to see how the people who take care of the freedom of the citizens of the United States are humble people who are concerned about others more than they are concerned about themselves.