Main Cause of the Civil War

Can you imagine going to war because of a disagreement that could not be solved in any other way? Sometimes disagreements are so intense or significant that the two sides can’t solve the problem without violence. The United States of America (US) has been in wars many times before. However the only time that the US has been in a war against itself because of a conflict was the Civil War.

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In the late 1860s the southern states began to secede from the original US to make their own country because they couldn’t agree on certain laws. Once the southern states left the war began.


The North, also known as the Union, was one of the two countries during the American civil war. Abe Lincoln, the 16th president of the US and became president of the Union during the war. The Union did not believe in slaves like the south did. What did the North use instead? The North had factories that many women worked in and only some men. In the factories they made textiles, leather goods and weapons.


The Confederate also known as the South was the side against the North. The south was on the side with slaves. Almost 80% of all slaves in the south worked on farms. Soil in the south was very fertile and good for planting. The most valuable crops were tobacco and cotton. Confederate states had only 1 major city, it was New Orleans. New Orleans was on a the edge of the Mississippi River. It was used as shipping ports to send to the north or European countries. Davis, the confederate president was the president during the Civil War. He was with the slavery and against Abraham Lincoln.


Some of the main cause of the Civil War are the states rights, expansion, president Abraham Lincoln, and the secession of the states. The south was mad about how much power the Federal government had verses how much power or rights the states had.

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