Leadership, Honesty, and Teamwork on a Sports Team

Bump, set, spike is three words volleyball players know very well. Free throw, rebound, and dead ball are three concepts basketball players understand. Corner kick, goal, and offside’s are three terms that soccer players grasp very fast. Every sport has different ideals for everything, but there are some ethics that are the same. I’ve played volleyball since I was 12 years old, basketball since I was 11 years old and soccer since I was 8 years old. All of these skills were one of the first things I learn while playing these three sports.

Even though these skills that I learned are crucial to playing, there are stronger characteristics about being a sports team that are more important. The best examples of values when playing on a sports team are leadership, honesty, and teamwork. When someone is playing on a sports team, each player has their own way of being a leader. Such as, the head coach of the team. They are the main leader for the team so they can be successful and help the team to win games and work hard. Aside from that, different players have a different way of leading the team. Those being leaders on a team don’t always have to be the best players; they can be the most respected, or just the most vocal.

For instance, if the best player is going to be a leader; they have to show up every day on time, and need to prove that they are a good player to the team. Sure, they may have a couple of games where they don’t perform their best but everyone has those days every once in awhile. This type of leader is a great leader because they can teach the other players skills because their skills are above the rest of the team. They can help the other players like a coach, as long as the other teammates are willing to listen. On the contrary, a respected leader is someone that just can be a great person or someone that everyone gets along with. This leader is a great leader on and off the court.

They are a great role model for all of the players and even other people in their community. They help the others on the team to make the right decisions. They are the type of leaders that if the other players see him or her working harder in practice they want to work just as hard too, because he or she shouldn’t do it by themselves. Lastly, the third type of leader is the most vocal player. A vocal leader can be good, when he or she is good at talking and getting the team pumped up and ready to play. Sometimes this leader doesn’t have to talk much, but when they do everyone listens. Lastly, not only do the leaders need to have passion and honestly for the team but the other players also need to have passion and honesty if they are going to be a great team.

Ever heard honesty is the best policy? Well being honest while playing on a sports team is quite hard for most players but easy for some. For example, it’s very hard to be completely honest during the game. Such as, in basketball while a player is guarding someone and tipped the ball out- the ref didn’t see it, that player that tipped the ball out of bounds isn’t always honest. Well, if the player is honest they would go up to the ref and tell them that they were the one to tip the ball out of bounds. Another way to show honesty is to listen to the coaches and schools rules. Obviously every school has some kind of rule saying when someone wants to play a sport they have to be drug free.

It’s hard when someone wants to play a sport and has friends that they love to party and drink with-only because if they want to play that sport they have to be completely honest and not break any of the rules. If they were to break the rules they should go to their coach and tell them what they had done. Being honest when on a team can help your teamwork 100%. When playing on a sports team, teamwork is one of the biggest ethics to make the team work together. There are four components to being a good team. Those components are; trust, enthusiasm, ambition, and motivation. Also, there needs to be a group of talented athletes that are willing to work hard to win. For example, the team needs to depend on each other and sometimes trust is always a big issue.

When the team is lacking trust all the members play as an individual, making the whole team weak. Trust builds up when the members of the team get along and become friends. When the players become friends they start to commit more and more. Trust grows as the team practice together and develops an almost instinctive feel for one another. When an athlete does not trust him or herself or their abilities to play will often express as fear of failure. The next component of a good team is enthusiasm, which is the glue that holds the whole team together. Most players like to participate in a sport for the fun and enjoyment of the game. The team needs to have and share enthusiasm and have pride in the team as it creates social adherence.

Ambition gives the players and the entire team direction. The players and team as a unity needs to have ambition to achieve goals. When the team is united in the pursuit of the common goals or ambition they would have good task skills. Individuals need to have ambition to attend training sessions and focus on improving their skills to benefit both themselves and the team. Lastly, the fourth characteristic of being a good team is motivation. Motivation is what drives the whole team to achieve. An individual player needs to have good motivation so they can perform up to their potential.

When the player believes that he or she can accomplish their goals that are challenging, well, that comes from motivation. The team is also challenged when they believe that they are capable of winning the match. When all the team members believe that the team can overcome the obstacles in the path to achieving the goal, we say the team has good group efficacy. In summery; trust, enthusiasm, ambition, and motivation are how teamwork makes a team great. Therefore; leadership, honesty, and teamwork are three important values of being on a sports team.

When I was in high school these values were so important in my life because I had played three sports my senior year. If I didn’t have these values in my life I wouldn’t have been able to help my team succeed. What if the world didn’t have any of these values? What would everything be like? The good thing is we do and it makes sports more efficiently, and more and more kids want to play every year.  

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