Key Factors in The Emotional Intelligence

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This week I am going to discuss emotional intelligence and how my verbal communication and emotional intelligence has changed over the years.First before going too far, lets define emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the capability of a person to manage and control his or her emotions and possess the ability to control and understand the emotions of others (Definition of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, n.d.)When I look at my verbal communication skills from about 10 years ago compared to today. I would say that I am a much better communicator today that then.

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That is not to say that my communication was bad. I was just quick to get mad and, depending on where I was my filter may not be turned on, or I would not try and control my facial expressions. I have read some of my journal entries from back then and even the writing in my own journal makes me cringe. It is written the way that I talk and so I know that my emotional intelligence 10 years ago was not what it is today. I would like to say that I was young and just didnt know better. But I wasnt that young back then. I was old enough to have known better.

My emotional intelligence has grown in a few ways. The main way is that I am more conscious of what I say verbally and what my body language is saying. As a supervisor I make every effort to not cross my arms when I am talking to my employees. I know from experience as an employee that when your supervisor crosses their arms over their chest that you tend to think that they are not listening or that whatever you are discussing they are not open to hearing. I also am very aware of how what I say may make my employees feel. I have learned that if I am able to control my emotions, facial and verbal, that I can get more out my employees and other co-workers (Franchetti, 2016). Even though I have learned a lot through the years about emotional intelligence and how my emotions and my body language affect others. I still need to work on the relationship management aspect. I sometimes have issues communicating what I want or need others to do. Not so much at my job but more in my personal life. It is something I am actively working on.Emotional Intelligence is a very important part in todays work place. The leaders of today must be able to control not only their emotions but those of their employees and those that they are talking to that are not their employee. To do this they need to make sure that they thoroughly understand emotional intelligence. They need to make sure that they are first aware of their own emotions. They need to understand and be aware of their own body language as well as other non-verbal communication skills.

A good leader in todays work place will also be able to control their own emotions. If they are not able to control their own emotions, they will not be able to control those of their employees. One other key factor in the emotional intelligence awareness for a leader is being able to read others. A good leader needs to be aware of how others are reacting. Being socially aware is a key component to improving your emotional intelligence levels. One last but still very important factor to being emotionally intelligent is being able to communicate clearly and being understanding to the feelings of others. This is called relationship management. This skill is useful in business and personal. So, you see it is no longer enough to just know the job. To be the best you should make sure that your emotional intelligence level is just as high as your job knowledge.

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