Human Rights for Refugees

TASK I There has been a massive exodus of people from different parts of the world as people are fleeing from their countries in search of a safe and secure environment. The challenges and dangers that they face as they flee from their country indicate that most prefer death to staying in their country. The […]

Culteral Event Impact Interview

Introduction Over the history, there have been various cultural revolutions that have impacted the lives of the people. Cultural Revolution entails a change that impacts the way people in culture lead their lives. Some people feel some cultural revolution played a critical role in their lives than others. In this regard, the following discussion is […]

Empires and the Modern International System

According to the article, Empires and the Modern International System, Austrian system, also known as Vienna System was one of the bidding systems which is highly conventional in the contract bridge game. The game was devised by Paul Stern, an Austrian player in 1935.  The Austrian system applied the Robertson count to analyze bridge hands.  […]