Inequality in the Society

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The male Black Americans are faced with a lot of challenges in the American society which are mainly rooted in the gender and ethnicity of this group. The history of the black Americans is characterized by severe injustices such as slavery and discrimination whereby the male blacks were the most affected (Smith, 2007). For instance, during the times of slavery, the men were forced to undertake the hard task and therefore were in high demand than the women.

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Besides that, they were also subjected to torture.After the era of slavery, the black males continued to be viewed as subjects by their white counterparts whereby they were not granted equal access to opportunities and resources in the society. It was clear that the white people believed that the black people did not belong in the American continent. The discrimination and denial of equal opportunities led them to reside in filth residential areas and venture into doing odd jobs. The black males have continued to be discriminated and used as subjects.

The male African Americans are usually disadvantaged in that they lack access to equal opportunities as their white counterparts. For instance, when it comes to education, jobs, residential areas and access to other resources, the black males continue to have limited access opportunities which makes them lag behind in economic progress and thus the placement in a low social class. The other issue faces by the male black Americans is joblessness and stereotyping (Smith, 2007). The black society is generally perceived to be less educated and more likely to be involved in Law breaking activities. The only jobs that are usually available to the blacks are informal and manual jobs that require no expertise. Due to the reduced access to proper education, housing and other social services the black community is perceived to be deviant and most likely to venture into crime (Steele & Aronson, 2015). The issue of the stereotyping and victimization of the black males has been one of the biggest challenges that they face in the American society. There have been many cases of harassment of black males and even shooting by the law enforcement officers.

The white people stand to benefit from the discrimination and stereotyping of the African Americans mainly because there will be less competition on resources and opportunities thus increasing the share for each white as well as the probability of a white person accessing the certain service. The society knows about the discrimination and stereotyping of the male blacks in America, and it does not engage in any practical way of resolving the issue (Steele & Aronson, 2015). This is because even the law enforcement officers in the United States use the racial affiliation of the black American as an element that should spark suspicion. Notably, no significant action has been taken by any association or organization to ensure that the stereotyping of black males is addressed.

In conclusion, the issue of black male stereotyping has been casually handled in the past. This is evidenced by the fact that no one no longer feels like it should not be allowed. This has affected even the black people who are accustomed to the stereotyped character and are therefore compelled to behave as the society describes. This is a social issue evident in the society which can be handled if the right sociological approaches are applied. The issue of the blacks in the American society which has existed for some time now needs coordination of various sociological elements to get solved.


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