Importance of Stress Management

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Stress is a common problem that I deal almost every day in my life. I have learned to identify when I am under stress, what my stressors are, and how to cope with my stress. By applying some techniques, I have improved in handling stress better in a positive way. This has allowed me to stay focus with my studies and with my healthy well-being.

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“Importance of Stress Management”

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My Approach to Stress Management

I am currently managing my stress by going to the gym and eating healthy. This helps me relax my body and mind. When I do become overwhelmed with a situation, I like to set it aside and come back later with a better clear mind on the situation. Balancing my personal life and academic life was stressful the first week of my academic journey. I realized that by getting out of work just one hour earlier made a difference with dealing with stress. I now have plenty of time to get off work, get my kids from daycares and come home not being overwhelmed. This has allowed me to have time with my studies.

My Stressors

One stressor I am currently dealing is at work. I work for a small oral surgery office. I have been trained how to handle the front desk as well as the check out desk. This is not part of my job duties. However, I have been cross trained to be able to multitask. I now have a very important position as the Senior Medical Biller and Coder for the practice, so when someone is out, I must help with covering this job duties. When this happens my job duties doubles. At first, I did not mind because we all must help each other to be a successful practice and provide the best care for our patients, but when this becomes a routine it has caused a lot of stress in my work environment. I have talked to my superiors, but nothing has changed. Another stressor that causes stress in my life is being able to have meals ready for everyone. This might sound silly, but it is very important for me and my family. We love to eat healthy and on a low budget, so we tried not to spend money on carry out or spending money during our work lunches. It has become a stressor for me because now with my studies it very hard to prep and cook meals during the weekdays.

Stress Management Improvement

One technique I have applied in my life to remedy my stress is to cut back on my hours at work. I have changed my work schedule by cutting a few hours a week. This has allowed me to spend more time with my family during the weekdays. I can now plan my meals for the week, and still have time to get my studies done without staying up so late. Another technique I have implemented in my life to reduce my stress is to get all my personal assignments done through the weekend. This include chores around the house, prepping meals for the week, and doing some studies. Planning the week has help me so much this past couple of weeks it has helped me reduced some stress from me.


This assignment has help me understand how to listen to my body and identify when I am under stress. Everyone’s stressors, reactions to stress, and ways of dealing with stress are different. It may take a little experimentation, a little time, and a little practice, but now I know how to deal and cope with stress. I now can overcome stressful situations and be successful and be happy in in my life. 

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