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The Importance of Adequate Sleep

Introduction As we all know, almost one third of a person’s life is spent on sleep. In a fast-developing time, it seems wasteful to have an eight hours’ sleep a day. Some people may ask, since it is so, why not reduce the amount of sleep? Absolutely, the answer is no. We can’t curtail our […]

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Importance of Healthy Sleeping Habits

What is one of the biggest things everyone needs to survive? The one thing that everyone needs is sleep. Sleep is a recurring state of mind and body for several hours every night. Sleep can also take the form of a nap. Many people have different sleep schedules depending on where they work or what […]

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Sleep for Students

 Introduction  In society, students in high school are failing classes caused by tiredness. This tiredness is caused by lack of sleep. Students are not getting enough sleep because they are forced to wake up at unreasonable times to prepare for school and catch the bus. Relevance/Textual Evidence – The American Academy of Pediatrics finds that […]

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Four Stages of Sleep

” People often joke about sleep being the ultimate luxury; however, sleep is a necessity. Humans need to sleep in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. A friend of mine is having trouble falling asleep at night and if she does fall asleep, she is getting roughly two hours of it. In an […]

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Lack of Sleep

Every human needs sleep to live. That is true with many other functions like drinking and eating. And just like drinking and eating, there is a certain limit we must meet in order to be considered healthy. For most people, it is recommended that they get around eight hours of sleep. Unfortunately, most people don’t […]

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Sleep Affect our Memory

Many researchers have speculated that lack of sleep affects our brain, specifically our memorization abilities. Sleeping is a key component for our bodies to function properly and our brain to process all the information we took in during the day. Disrupting our sleeping cycle may not cause any visible immediate affects but can cause lasting […]

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