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Animal Experimentation

Did you know more than 100 million animals are killed in the US laboratories due to testing things like food, drugs, and other chemicals? (PETA). Animal testing is a huge problem in the US. Because of this, many animals are being treated under harsh conditions, suffering, and feedback can be unreliable due to the differences between humans and animal genetics. Many animals are being treated in inhumane ways like, being cute open, or having their skin burned due to experimentation (U.S. Department of Agriculture).

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Animals have always been a huge part of my life, I have always been a huge animal lover, and I always will be, because of this, I feel very strong about this topic. Many people around the world have grown up surrounded by animals. Some and some not feel it is so cruel to test on helpless animals who do not know what is going on. The poor animals can do nothing to help themselves, most of them are bread for testing purposes. The main animals used for these testing purposes are mostly; rats, cats, dogs, and rabbits. They are most likely locked in cages and crates, full of fear and not sure what is going to happen to them. These poor animals are being used like test dummies for anything from drugs, to toxic fumes. Many of these animals are being force fed as well and cut open for science.

Since these poor animals are bread for only one purpose in most circumstances, they don’t know what is going on. Many are isolated, sacred, and probably in pain. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animals are infected with diseases that they would never normally contract, tiny mice grow tumors as large as their own bodies, kittens are purposely blinded, rats are made to suffer seizures It’s horrible to think that people are willing to do something as cruel as this to helpless animals. Many animals are being used for testing make-up, food, drugs, and fumes.

As sad as it is, the employees at these laboratories know that the outcome of these testes will most likely not be positive. However, they have no problem continuing to keep testing and killing innocent animals. According to Bernard Rollin, author of Animal Pain: What it is, and why it matters?, stated that, To treat animals morally and with respect, we need to consider their mentation Many do agree with Rollin, animals have feelings and can show emotion, whether it’s happiness or being scared. So, if animals are treated horribly in laboratories, of course they will coward down, and show their fears and that shows that the poor animals are being treated under frightening conditions. If the animal is in a loving environment, and is shown care, then the animal will be comfortable and its happy self. Many animals may be in in horrible hash conditions, but what is worse than that is an animal suffering.

With many animals in frightening situations, like being cut open, or blinded, the worry of suffering comes along. To many people animals suffering tugs at their heart strings, however, that is not the case with the employees in testing labs. Much of the testing going on in these laboratories are not permitted. In order to proceed certain tests, they must be approved. In the article Animal Welfare and the Statistical Consultant Richard Engeman, and Stephan Shumake stated, Certain experimental procedures may not be permitted legally or made almost impossible due to required bureaucratic approval processes.

However, they sometimes do go on and carry through with the experiment. These experiments they conduct and hurt the animal for the rest of its life. Many times, the labs conduct the test to see how a certain fume, or beauty product will affect the animal. If it does not kill the animal, then the animal is stuck suffering with a growth, burning sensation, or even blindness. The animals who undergo surgery and get certain organs removed to see if they can live or see how it can affect them long term end up suffering with a heat disease, or any type of organ failure to their bodies. This is something that doesn’t need to happen to them. It’s bad enough they are locked in cages, but on top of the suffering. Personally, I think the whole animal testing is dumb as it is cruel.

Animal testing is a very expensive business. Like most things, everything adds up. Laboratories must buy all the animals, and the equipment that goes along with the tests they choose to conduct. These labs spend so much money conducting the experiments and tests on the animals to see if the product will hurt them just, so they will know what will happen if we as people use it. Many times, the tests that the animals go through are not even reliable for the human benefit.

There are many differences between animals being tested and humans. Animals are very different than human beings, if the laboratories are testing a new make-up product to see how it reacts skin contact. The result will most likely be different if tested on a rat then a person. Many people do not see the concern with testing animals for human purposes. It does not work well for the animals and the humans. Thomas Moss, author of, “The Modern Politics of Laboratory Animal Use”, says laboratory animals issue is one among relatively few areas in which the public expresses concern about the procedures, ethics, and approaches of scientific research. Many people don’t see the issue with testing animals for things that are not made for them. If it isn’t made for the animal, then of course it will harm them.

Now, someone believe different about animals being tested. Some feel it’s the best and right thing to do. Why try to hurt a human or risk having permanent damage to our skin or organs when something as small as a rat can let us know how a certain product will affect one. According to the Biomedical Research Association, within the last one hundred years, most medical breakthroughs have come straight from animal testing. Yes, animals may not be exactly like humans, but they are the closest to us. Also, they make better test subjects than humans, mice only live up to two or three years. So, because of their short lifespan researches can document literally their whole life and take notes of generations all within a few years.

Animals do not have legal rights as well, so it is perfectly fine to conduct research and experiments on them. Since they do not have rights laboratories do not see any problems when it comes to starting researches. Lorna Collier author of Defending Animal Research, said that, Animal research is used to test the safety and efficacy of drugs before they go on the market. But more important is the use of animal research in basic science to help us understand the processes that take place.

It is very important that we know what we as humans put in our bodies. If it wasn’t for testing, then we would have some very dangerous drugs out on the shelfs in our local stores. Because of animal testing, it lets the manufactories know how deadly or toxic a certain product is without giving it directly to its consumers. The animals serve as a middle man to basically let us know the side effects of any product they are exposed to. Sometimes is may not seem fair to the animals, but it is defiantly a better way than just putting g something out there not tested for safety.

Yes, animal testing has its wrongs and may not sound morally right, but at the end it does help out a lot. It still seems extremely cruel and sometimes a little too much for these poor creatures to handle, however, in any articles it makes sure to mention in the eyes of science it is greatly appreciated. After reading articles and watching videos on the horrible conditions of the laboratories for the animals. I feel it is extremely cruel way to treat helpless animals.

Why should they be cut open, purposely blinded, and forced to inhale toxic fumes for the sake of science? Not only for science, but even the everyday use of new products for humans. Animals and humans are genetically different, yes, they are very close to us in many ways but still don’t have the same skin or DNA. Many times, the test feedback can be off. According to PETA, They’re other ways of testing without the use of animals. A smarter way and more accurate way is by testing human cells in petri dishes. A variety of cell-based tests and tissue models can be used to assess the safety of drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, and consumer products (PETA). This is a safer way of testing, not only does it not harm the animals, there is no harm done to humans. Looks like a win for everyone one with this tactic.

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