How to get to the supreme court

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Introduction/ what he did to get to the supreme court: As a young child Taft dream job was to reach the Supreme Court justices eventually he did both becoming our 27th president and the 10th Chief Justice, he was born in Cincinnati Ohio on September 15, 1857 he was part of a political family where he follows his family tradition, he also went to private school, attend to Yale which joins the now notorious society skull and bone and graduated 1857. Furthermore, he attended the University of Cincinnati College of laws school, earning a bachelor in 1880, later he was accepted to Ohio state bar association were he was an assistant prosecutor of Hamilton county in 1887-90, and u.s solicitor general, u.s circuit court judge 1892-1900, governor of the Philippines 1901-04.

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Works Prior to Supreme Court: He received two offers to become a justice of the supreme court but, denied it, he was appointed to the federal circuit for the 6th District, where he served from March 1892 until 1900 However President Warren G Harding on June 30, 1921, decided Taft, Should be chief justice of United States Supreme Court. During a secret session, the Senate approved Taft with 60-4 vote.

Political leaning: Taft had different points of views, he would like to break from the party and his former party. His job was helped secure passage of the Judge’s Act of 1925, allowing the supreme court to receive cases that were national importance, He also improved the organization and efficiency.

Major cases: In 1926, Taft ruled on the Myers v. United States, which he disproves an act of limiting the president’s authority to remove federal officials and more. Taft says to deny the president that power wouldn’t allow him to discharge his own constitutional duty of seeing that law be faithfully executed.’ he also wrote a decision in Truax u. Corrigan and more.

Reputation as a Supreme Court Justice:He was highly successful throughout his position and was respected figure, he had a vision when it comes to things, and if he didn’t like them he would do his best to bring it to success. And as deciding in an issue he doesn’t like to decide quickly, he likes to see all side of the argument.

Conclusion: As a result, as being successful throughout his life he did many thing, such as increased the supreme court power, he convinced congress to pass the judge bill of rights in 1925, He died on march 8, 1930 for a heart ailment at age 72.

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