How to Choose a Career

It’s never too early to make a plan ahead, even for a first-year college student like me. As an international student who is studying abroad here in the United States, right now I’m really worried about what to do after finishing my Bachelor’s Degree at a 4 year-university, whether I’m going to apply for job here or continuing to pursue a Master’s degree, or go back to my home country. Thinking about the challenges and opportunity that lying on my career path is just really stressing me out.

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However, these past fours year studying at a country that has one of the best education systems and participating in a variety of extracurricular activities have led to me to realize what I value the most and what I would see myself doing in the future.

Simple as that, in the summer of 2015, when my friends and I decided to hold a barbecue party in our backyard, none of us even knew where to get the meat for the best price with our little amount of student income. At that moment I was the one who volunteered to plan and execute our first and own barbecue party. This event sparked my interest in event planning major, and now it is what I see myself doing in the future. Not only that, through many group projects I have been working on, I realized my ability as keeping things in its place and due on time, which an important trait of an event planner. I’m out-going, flexible, adaptable so either working as a group or an individual, I have confidence in my ability to work everything out. Adaptive is always a must in this field, so traveling doesn’t bother me at all, especially when I love traveling. Also, working in a fast-paced environment is something I prefer since it forces me to get organized and concentrate better, which is something event planning really appeals to me.

Doing research led me found out that there are different type of event planner, there are event planner for the former, corporate events and for special events like fundraisers, wedding, etc. I think the career path I’m going to choose needs some flexibility in it since I want to have a family, because of that, working as a part-time event planner or freelancer will be one of my option in the future too. Looking ahead at after the graduation in Montgomery College, I am planning on transferring to Virginia Tech where is said providing such a great program of event planning in the DMV area. Additionally, since Washington DC is the spot where lots of important conferences and big events usually happens, I would like to concentrate on finding an event planning job there.

As for right now, I only have a rough idea of where would I like to be and study in a few years, since being an international student limits my options quite a lot. Still, it’s really important to always remain open-minded, and keep seeking new opportunities. The most important thing for me right now is focusing on school work and making good impressions with the professors so I can get a good reference from them. Also as I’m planning on flying back to my home country this summer in order to renew my visa, I have contacted to the Apricot Hotel- one of the most luxury hotel in the Hanoi, interviewing for an internship position as an event planner assistant. If everything going well, then when I come back in the fall, I would have a quite solid experience in my resume.

Also, thanks to my professor’s recommendation, I have had in my mind a few companies and organizations I would like to apply for an internship like the Wolf Trap, La Veida, etc. Wolf Trap’s special event planner is the job I am going forward for, as the company has a diversity of engagement, opportunities for advancement and a talented roster of professionals works here. The company even offers many advantages for workers like free performances tickets, discounts, etc. I am planning on applying for the internship position there and making a network that allows me to become an official Special Event Planner there.

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