How Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and impacted decision enter the World War II

The Pearl Harbor is remained important to this day. On Sunday, December 7,1984 Japan made a surprise attack on the US Marine Base in Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu Hawaii which made United States enter to the World War II, but was it a really surprise for USA? “How secret is a secret in a country where years of censorship have trained an analytical, alert population in the discreet whisper and the fine art of putting two and two together? And how secret is secret when one’s ideas are no longer exclusively one’s own? (Prange, At Dawn We Slept, Range 30)..

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Pearl Harbor made gave the producers ideas to make movies about this event. There are currently fifteen movies that made about Pearl Harbor. There is also a lot of written books about Pearl Harbor one of them is called Embracing Defeat. Japan in the Wake of World War II written by John Dower. He is a History professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This book covers the history of Japan when USA military left Japan and it also covers Emperor Hirohito’s speech to his people on August 15, 1945 until 1952.The United States saw a good opportunity to recreate Japan with their own democratic image, but the problem was Japanese people follow their tradition, so this wouldn’t be an easy task for United States. In his book he quotes that some sense of the Japanese experience of defeat by focusing on social and cultural developmentsat levels of society. In this quote he is talking about after the War. His portrayal of the towns that bomb out Tokyo provides a touching evidence of weaken condition that many Japanese people found themselves at the War in the end.

Japan were keep expanding their country and had to make a big decision to go to war with United States or not? United States hadn’t entered the war because they were still heeling depression from First World War, however they still had the strongest naval force, it means that Japan were strong as United States. As the time flies America wanted to join the war.

United States always entered the war late. They applied the same rule on World War II. One of the reasons why things led to the attack was the tension between United States and Japan was increasing. Japan wanted to make Asia under one flag. Hiroto was a militaristic person. He wanted to make imperialize of Asian. Japan joined triple Alliance with Italy and Germany. The attack on Pearl Harbor was planned out good by the Japanese, due to American ships were in the port in December 7, 1941 and where each ship was located. The time of the Japanese soldiers advanced in two separate forces. The attack made up over three hundred Japanese planes all six of Japan’s first line aircraft carriers.

The USA code for intelligence was called Magic. The United State military made excellent progress in Japan’s military codes by 1941 which was Ultra this code was also used by British Military signals, which they exchanged it with United States. Since the early 1920s America had been spied on Japanese government communications. Roosevelt’s military leaders called a splendid arrangement (Stinnett 60). President Roosevelt is not the one to blame. The army was responsible for the inshore air patrol and the installation of a radar net, and the Navy for inshore ship patrols for reconnaissance (Wohlsletter 5)

Pearl Harbor has been compared to other events of the history. One of them is Hiroshima and another one is Nagasaki. These bombs made it look similar because these bombs were all is fair in love and war means that what country can or cannot do at the war to win. The people are still arguing to this day that Japanese did not deserve this violence. Especially women and children. Pearl Harbor shows that United States and Japanese had bad relations, because Japanese attack was in preparation. United states were already started banning immigration from Japan and angering Japanese people even further and Japanese only wanted one thing, and which was destroy the United States. U.S and Japanese diplomats were discussing about war efforts and bomb preparations, made sneaky attack to Japanese aircrafts to launch, but soon they regretted for their actions. Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto stated I fear I will awaken a sleeping giant (Santella 10). Means that United States have been waiting to make move to Japanese and Pearl Harbor attack proved it that they were right.

I believe that whole bombing in Hawaii was to warn USA to mind their business and stay out their war with specific Asia. I believe that they entered the war just to punish Japanese for Pearl Harbor. After Pearl Harbor USA decided not to trade with Japan. United States stopped with the oil and rubber, it really affected Japan, and they needed war tanks, ships and airplanes (Santella 13). The United States did their best to sabotage Japanese war.

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