Health and Social Care: a Plan for Implementing the Program of Activities

The underlying agenda behind the program is to implement a health and wellness plan within the community. There are several significant facets to the program. These include enhancement of primary health care provision, promotion of mental wellness through reduction of substance abuse, improvement of environmental health, and harnessing of information technology to enhance the community’s ability to access health care services (Frieden, 2014 p.18). This program and the entrenched activities have necessitated the development of a plan, which is as laid down below.

Primary health care provision

The project to achieve this facet of the program will take into consideration the following aspects:
• Establishing a comprehensive understanding of primary health care within the community
• Mapping out of available primary care services within the community
• Improving coordination between physicians and health institutions within the community (Norton, 2014 p.538)

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Promotion of mental wellness

The plan of implementation under this facet of the program will entail the following activities:
• Reaching out to reduce drug abuse in the community
• Facilitating partnerships and collaborations among and between institutions that have been engaged in mental wellness within the locale (Norton, 2014 p.540)

Promotion of environmental health

For the program to produce the anticipated results, implementation will involve the following courses of action:
• Encouraging and training community members to champion habits that enhance safe and healthy indoor and outdoor environments (Eldredge et al., 2016 p.68)
• Partnering with environmental health officers within the community to help formulate guidelines that can assist the community to foster a healthier environment (Norton, 2014 p.537).

Harnessing information and technology

This final stage will encapsulate the following courses of action towards implementation:
• Carrying out a scan of the community’s environment to determine the available and most appropriate technological platforms that can help improve health (Frieden, 2014 p.20).

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