Has Imperialism Ruin the Name of the U.S.

The United States are using imperialism, extending the influence of a nation by economic, political, or military means, in order to get what they want from other lands. This topic is circulating the world to the power countries. But are the benefits of expansion worth what’s costing us as a country? It’s simply not worth it since it’s sacrificing out countries basic ideals, and the lives of our people. People are arguing whether it’s a good idea or not, but the negative of imperialism is outweighing the good it does.

As we’re strengthening our foreign affairs, the economy has weakened since many of our citizens are losing their jobs and taxes increased for the wars we’re fighting. The United States used imperialism to buy Panama in order to have a naval power, but has lead us to enormous war hunger such as the war in Panama. Imperialism has been tarnished by the national disasters. Since our war with the Philippines, imperialism cost the U.S. lives and an eruption into a bloody war.

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Imperialism has challenged our own principles when we became an independent country. It is an affliction on our constitution, what we stand for as a country, liberty and justice for all. We have taken the freedom of other weak countries: Philippines,China, Hawaii, and so on, that we have truly lost our own principles. We have revealed the ability of being good to be so corrupted.

The U.S. have earned the title of becoming a world power, but will it give us the lives that have been lost and the dignity the country lost for being liars and tormenting other countries. As a nation, willing to sacrifice our principles, will lead us to more disaster and enemies against good countries.

The U.S. wanted to conquest imperialism even if it meant going against the beliefs as nation of under God for Liberty and Justice for all The U.S. shouldn’t have suppressed the weak and tell the benefits of such a catastrophe. In the end of imperialism of the U.S. it didn’t justify what they have done. We must not allow this to get lost in history or it might end up repeating itself for the worst.

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