Gun Laws should not Prevent People from Carrying Guns to Protect themselves

“If there’s even one thing we can do even one life we can save we have an obligation to try” Barack Obama.

Having access to guns is easier in America than it is in many other countries if not all .The fact that it’s their unalienable right isn’t something bad it makes them free ,they have the choice to live ,protect and defend themselves against any kind of danger that threatens to take away or destroy their freedom it’s something that Americans are born with raised with it’s part of who they are.

As amazing and wonderful it is to be able to say no and fight back against enemies. Many people use the weapons that the government provide for us to hurt others ,these people aren’t always just naturally evil sometimes they’re sick and they need help it’s kind of ironic as these people have had access to weapons easily when they should have had medical and mental assistance as insurance and many other factors apply here in America.

School shootings are something that have been occurring in many different states and they just don’t seem to stop, they keep happening one after another making the police alert at all times, parents terrified to send their kids to schools, teachers are constantly on guard just waiting for something to happen and when it does, help never makes it in time to save everyone and there are always people who lose their lives because someone was able to get their hands on a weapon when they were unstable or mentally ill driven by anger and rage lusting for blood one decision made in a split second a moment when all rational and logical thoughts one minute when all morals are lost and all a person can do is submit to these instincts to hurt others .

The thing is about these shootings you can never find someone to blame can you blame most of the shooters who are mentally unstable and just need help ,or the government for allowing us and giving us the right to protect ourselves against danger? No one can truly answer that question as there is right answer the government provides us with weapons to protect ourselves and it is our responsibility to use that weapon only in emergencies and life and death situations and not whenever we feel like it many people don’t use weapons and wouldn’t ever consider buying one as they believe in peace and simply find no reason to own one.

Most countries don’t have easy gun access as they find no reason to give the people something that can harm them when use wrongfully countries like Morocco go as far to arrest people who have knifes on them and pepper spray is illegal as that can be used to hurt others people there rely on the police to protect them and to do their job right as America cannot be compared to a lot of countries since it is not only big in size and number of population it is also known for listening to the people and giving them protection and this has been the way America had been functioning for centuries introducing rights to people that led to many countries following behind.

The struggles to have gun rights taking away from us as citizens have been a debate that’s been going on for awhile now the fact that some people are so convinced that by taking away our right to bear arms would fix and get rid of all the violence spree that’s been going on is really foolish .Americans would never give up the right to have weapons as it is something that is part of the ‘American Dream’ something that makes Americans different than the rest of the world. Some of the reasons why there should be stricter gun laws are that more laws would reduce gun deaths, another reason is that gun control laws protect children and families (Ridder Karen) and a proven fact about gun shooting is that most massacres utilize legal weapons(MORRIS M.)

Many people are against these laws and some of them say that gun control laws will not prevent criminals from obtaining guns or breaking laws Violent crime goes down when more people legally carry gun( Ridder Karen )s these people are fighting for more guns and more violence but the thing is in life you can’t destroy violence by violence Gun laws should be stricter and enforced for the greater good as the easier it is to have access to guns the more people die and more massacres happen using legal weapons since anyone can buy a gun. These laws aren’t just words on a paper they save children they save lives.

Stricter gun laws would definitely reduce the number of deaths caused by weapons and a background check and people with violent and past crimes so think about it school shootings happened many times and no one was there to stop them because every time the shooter knew that it was a gun free zone and he would be the only one with a weapon giving him the power over all those poor innocent victims ,children who don’t know anything about the world or violence they lose their lives because someone had easy access to a gun.

Retaliating and fighting guns by adding more guns isn’t the answer for all the people fighting to legalize those weapons that is not an option that will only result in more innocent people dying gun control laws in America aren’t strict at all that’s why these laws need to be changed gun access should be limited to a certain category of people . People think that if they have more gun control laws many people wouldn’t have access to weapons which is basically taking away their guns making them weak and vulnerable to a tyrant government that controls everything and everyone, the truth is the government can never truly control its citizens since it’s the people that help build the country they’re the ones who make it rise their voice matters many of these people fail to notice just how serious and deadly easy access to weapons is it is dangerous and is not only the cause of many school shootings but it also resulted in many massacres across the country leading many people to act on their fear and either buy more weapons resulting in more gun violence and others wanted to have the weapons taken one away once and for all which is not a solution.

School shootings can happen anywhere at any time no one can predict them and no one can stop them except gun control many people would argue and say that having easy access to guns have enable students and even professors to save lives there were many cases where there was a shooting and the shooter was stopped by good people with guns who were able to protect others . Having more gun control laws would make school safer for everybody t knowing that people know the difference between right and wrong and who are mentally stable and capable of resisting the urge to hurt others isn’t possible as only God can do that it’s not humanly possible to have telepathy and read others mind and know their next step or action some of the shooters were described to be good people by their family members and friends as they hid their true intentions behind a fake smile they hid their true nature they were able to fool everyone and they succeeded in taking innocent lives who didn’t deserve to die. These horrible human beings who decided one day to just grab the nearest gun and cause harm and chaos to their surroundings knowing full well that no one will be able to retaliate since schools don’t allow guns on campus ,this calls for more gun control laws to protect children from monsters with no morals and people with mental issues who need help. In life sometimes we have to accept that some things aren’t an option ,school shootings won’t stop happening and someone needs to do something about it the battle between the 2 sides is going nowhere .

People won’t stop fighting for more gun control laws especially those who lost their loved ones to one of the massacres ,many see the gun laws as a violation to their right to bear arms as it would limit access to guns for many citizens which is true the less people have access to guns the less shootings would happen because these laws would prevent people from feeling safe and protected and in control of their own fate

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