Global Warming Happened by Human Activities

The oldest and thickest sea ice in the Arctic has begun to split, even in the waters of northern Greenland in the summer (Watts, 2018). People often hear the recent problem of melting ice in the Arctic and the Arctic, and polar bears are extinct. In recent years, the phenomenon of global warming has become more and more obvious. The main cause of global warming is that humans have used fossil fuels in the past century and emitted a large number of greenhouse gases such as CO2, which cause global warming. There are abnormalities in the climate around the country, including the dissolution of bipolar glaciers and rising sea levels. The hazards of warming range from natural disasters to biological chain break, involving all aspects of human survival. Global warming makes climate change. Therefore, people should pay more attention to the issue of global warming and overcome the problem by reducing carbon emission.

Some people believe that one person’s effort not enough. However, it must also be recognized that we all have the responsibility to save our planet. Although many people claim that it is too much work to do, one can also argue that it is very easy to turn off lights when we leave. Other also says that eating meat is part of my diet, but it is a truth that it is healthier to eat vegetables. Some people believe increasing the living space of human beings, as the temperature rises, the sub-polar regions may be more suitable for human habitation. However, rising temperatures will cause the glaciers to melt and the sea level rise, indirectly reducing the living space of polar bears, making polar bears extinct.

Global warming happened by human activities, and there are many impacts by global warming. Most of the climate scientists agreed that human expansion of the “greenhouse effect” seemed to be the prime reason for the current global warming (Shankman & Horn, 2017). According to National Geographic (n.d.), global temperature increases include changes in sea level and rainfall and snowfall in terms of volume and pattern. These changes may prompt severe weather events to be stronger and more frequent, such as floods, droughts, heat waves, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Many species have been impacted by rising temperatures. For example, researcher Bill Fraser has tracked the decline of the Adélie penguins on Antarctica, where their numbers have fallen from 32,000 breeding pairs to 11,000 in 30 years. The sea level has been rising more quickly over the previous century. Hurricane will become more intense, and as the climate continues to warm, hurricane-related storm intensity and rainfall rates are expected to increase. Temperatures will continue to rise, and as the warming caused by humans is superimposed on the naturally changing climate, the rise in temperature throughout the country or over time is not uniform or stable (NASA, n.d.). Human beings are the prime cause of global warming, and global warming has many negative effects on people.

People should reduce carbon emissions from their daily life. For example, reducing water waste is one method. Saving water can also reduce carbon pollution. That’s because pumping, heating and treating water requires a lot of energy. Therefore, try to take a shorter shower. Another method is to unplug. The outlet in your home may power approximately 65 different devices, while other electronic devices consume energy even when not charging. Eating more vegetables instead of eating meat. Consume less meat, especially beef. Food accounts for a significant part of our emissions. If you want to cut here, your best bet is to reduce your meat consumption, especially beef. This is because one pound of beef emits 18 times more than a pound of pasta. A family of four decided to cut meat intake by half and reduce emissions by about 3 tons per year (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2013). According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (2017) the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that if only one in every 100 US households uses water-saving devices to renovate, it will save about 100 million kWh of electricity per year – avoiding 80,000 tons of global warming pollution. The “idle load” of all American households adds up to the output of 50 large power plants in the United States. So, people do not plug a fully charged device into a socket in their home and unplug a device that they rarely use. Reducing carbon emissions can slow global warming, and people can start to reduce carbon emissions from their daily life.

People can enjoy a healthful living environment if they can protect the Earth. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming. Reduce waste of resources and increase opportunities for next-generation use of resources. Establish a healthful, comfortable and safe living environment. Increase the life of the earth and people. Otherwise, by 2100, sea levels will increase by 1 to 4 feet. This is due to the increased amount of water that melts the land ice and seawater as it warms. In the next few decades, storm surges and climax may be combined with sea level rise and land subsidence, further increasing flooding in many areas. If we do not pay attention to the problem of global warming, the global temperature will continue to rise, accelerating the melting of glaciers, leading to sea level rise, and finally may inundate some low-lying countries (NASA, n.d.). Reducing carbon emissions, slow global warming not merely protects the planet but also beneficial to human development.

People should pay more attention to the issue of global warming and reduce carbon emissions from now on. Global warming will cause glaciers to melt sea level rise, flooding countries in low-lying areas, rising temperatures, and getting worse and worse. If people reduce carbon emissions from now on, they can slow down the problem of global warming and minimize the impact of global warming on them. People should reduce water waste, consume less meat, unplug the outlet and turn off lights when they leave, etc. They should complete these from now on to save the planet. 

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