Gangs of New York

Upon watching The Gangs of New York I observed that people of different races and ethnicities were treated differently in the film. Which is similar to real life. The main conflict was between people of color and white people. It’s a neverending cycle that americans have not gotten better with. I also noticed that certain groups are treated worse than others.

African-Americans were treated the harshest simply because they were black. They were harrased, assaulted, raped, and murdered all for the color of their skin. This treatment is considered illegal it has not completely stopped. Asian-Americans were treated badly as well. They were harrrased and assualted for being asian, for some it worse because they didn’t speak english. Now they are treated much better but they still face the constant stereotypes which become a setback. Irish-Americans were treated harshly as well. They were harrased for “taking” other amercians jobs like many other immigrants.

The treatment of Irish-Americans is much better. Infact they’re treated the same as any other white american. I feel that everyone is treated differently because of race and ethincity. I also believe that for most part our country hasn’t changed. I feel that racism and discrimination hasn’t gotten better the only difference between now and then is that now everythingis recorded. What makes this ultimately worse is that peole have video proof and still aren’t held accountable. We can finally resolve relationships between people of different races and ethnicites if we finally realize that we have in common than we care to admit.

Industrialzation I believe got better when more immigrants came to this country. Bussinesses needed more people to work and when immigrants came over they had more people. They had people willing to work long hours with no benefits and very little pay. For this they could afford to hire more workers and get things done faster. This caused businesses to thrive and this was a great thing. So industrailzation thrived due to immigrants, not in spite of them.

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