Fannie Lou Hamer – Activist that Fought Racial Segregation

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African American civil Right Activist Who led voting drive. Fannie Lou Hamer Was A civil right Activist that fought Racial segregation in the south through nonviolent. Fannie Lou Hamer dedicated her life to the fight for civil rights working for the student nonviolent coordinating committee.

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“Fannie Lou Hamer – Activist that Fought Racial Segregation”

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Growing up in mississippi as a black woman was not easy for fannie. Fannie lou was the youngest of 20 kids. Fannie parents were sharecroppers in mississippi. Fannie began working in the feld when she was only 6 years old in she drop out of school when she was 12 to help out her family. She Brought the civil right struggle in Mississippi to attention. Hamer set up a organization to increase business opportunities for blacks. Fannie lou Hamer´s life took a dramatic turn the day she went to a mass meeting to learn how to vote. Hamer was 44 years old. She didn’t have any idea what a mass meeting was, but she was curious to go so she went.

Fannie Lou Stayed Strong when she was getting torn down. Fannie lou Hamer was a leader of a mississippi freedom Democratic Party. Fannie Got beaten by policeman and sent to a Mississippi jail with other activists after helping Blacks register to vote. Whites never liked to see blacks get succeed every time they would beat them or take them to jail. Fannie was not taking the mess they tried to do to her. Fannie lou did a speech called Tired Of Being Sick-n Tired in she wanted to be free in wanted black people to be treated like people. Fannie lou lives within the pages of to tell it how it was a collection of her speeches and interviews perfaced by short biography.

Fannie Lou was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1976, Fannie continued to fight for civil right. Hamer died in 1977 from complications associated with heart disease and cancer. Local resident turned out for her funeral, as did most of the civil right movement. Before she died she got married to Perry hamer in 1944 . They had two kids together. Fannie lou didn’t give up the fight for civil right in the freedom of blacks in women rights to vote.

Fannie lou Hamer was a civil right Activist that fought Racial segregation in the south through nonviolent. Fannie cared about the lives of blacks And She wanted baset human rights. She played a good part in are society. Even Though Fannie is gone She would never be forgotten NOBODY FREE INTO EVERY BODY FREE!!!

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