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Intentions and Consumption Behavior Among Malaysian Public Undergraduate Universities Students

Chapter One Introduction 1.1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.1.1 Consumption Behaviour Definition If it is said that marketing in true sense is the conclusion of social culture of post modern consumer culture (Firat, 1993) then an immense burden and responsibility has been imposed to determine the conditions and meanings of life for the future (Firat […]

Pages: 51 Words: 15184 Topics: Attitude, Behavior, Brand, Perception, Research

International Audit

I INTRODUCTION Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd. is a leading business entity in Sri Lanka that provides herbal, Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals as well as safe and effective herbal healthcare products. Some of the main products of Link Natural include, ‘Link Kesha’ hair oil, ‘Link Sudantha’ toothpaste, ‘Gotukola Tea’ and Spa/Aroma products. As a result of extensive […]

Pages: 37 Words: 11211 Topics: Brand, Distribution, Retail, Sales Promotion, Supermarket, Target Market, Tax
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International Audit and Marketing Plan

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Link Natural (Pvt) Ltd’s decision to advance their business to France was apart of the economical and socio-cultural analysis carried out to identify the market potential for the product (Link Samahan) to be sustainable in the French herbal market. The company is already conducting their businesses in many locations around the world, and […]

Pages: 37 Words: 11022 Topics: Brand, Market, Retail, Sales Promotion, Supermarket, Target Market, Tax

Internet Users in Nigeria and Hungary

Abstract Despite the marginal difference between Nigeria and Hungary, the internet develops a relationship that can be exploited. Internet users of both countries are dominated by youths, and thus are the most accessible to internet ads. Internet advertising also termed online advertising or internet marketing or web advertising is simply the making available of advertising […]

Pages: 36 Words: 10697 Topics: Brand, Data, Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Pricing, Qualitative Research, Research

Investigation into Consumer Buying Behaviour with Regards to Branded and Own-label Food Products at an Aldi Store

CHAPTER ONE 1. INTRODUCTION In the UK, for nearly two thirds of consumers, own-label is an important reason to shop in a particular store. Value for money, availability and the breadth of products on offer are the key factors attracting customers to own label products. (Mintel Report, 2007). Own-label brands give consumers the opportunity to […]

Pages: 39 Words: 11688 Topics: Brand, Data Analysis, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Retail, Supermarket

Dilemma of Investment in Mutual Funds in Pakistan

Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Purpose of the Study 1.3 Research Objective 1.4 Research Methodology 1.5 Data Sources 1.INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction Mutual funds can play a significant role in the growth of an economy of any country. Mutual funds are a preferred investment destination for any individual/ organization as the fund houses offer not […]

Pages: 30 Words: 9035 Topics: Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Money, Stock Market

The Biggest Challenge Human Resources

In today’s world the biggest challenges for any organisation to manage its human resource. Mathis (2008) India is the second best economy in the world (after china) for its growth rate (Nassimbeni and Sartor, 2008). In fact India’s GDP at 9.4 Per cent was the second fastest growing GDP after china in 2007 – 08. […]

Pages: 25 Words: 7371 Topics: Employment, Human Resource Management, Maslow'S Hierarchy Of Needs, Motivation, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research

The Concept of Time

WARMING UP TO THE CONCEPT OF TIME “Now go on and enjoy yourself, dance to your heart’s content and win the Prince’s heart. But remember, you have to be back before the clock strikes twelve at midnight.” We all are familiar with the words of the Fairy God Mother in the evergreen fairy tale ‘Cinderella’. […]

Pages: 40 Words: 12045 Topics: Procrastination, Time, Time Management, Training

Discrimination Aspects Investigation

Abstract: The current study aims at investigate the discrimination aspects and how it is affect in The work place, discrimination is a major problem, employees should be protected against it, and there is wide range of cases of discrimination around the world. The reason of writing this research is to aware the people about the […]

Pages: 15 Words: 4459 Topics: Ageism, Discrimination, Employment, Equal Pay For Equal Work, Gender, Sexism, Sexual Harassment

The Field of Human Resource Management

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Rationale Findings show extensive existing research in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and how they might benefit an organisation’s business performance. Academics suggest that there is a series or ‘bundle’ of human resource (HR) practices which are of great benefit to an organisation, for example, selection and recruitment, […]

Pages: 38 Words: 11531 Topics: Employee Retention, Employment, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Recruitment, Research, Strategic Management

The Hc Bridge Frame Work

The HC BRidge Frame Work “The traditional HR paradigm defines HR contribution as supporting organisation goals through aligned HR services, policies, practices, and programs”, (Bodreau, et al., 2005). Typically, this HR paradigm is combined with the traditional definition of organisations success. The result is an emphasis on reducing risks of costly legal actions in HR […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6311 Topics: Competence, Economy, Employment, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Risk, Talent Management

The Oman Telecommunication Company

Introduction Brief History The Oman telecommunication company is the most reliable and unique telecom and multimedia service provider in Pakistan which is also known as Omantel. The world call telecommunication limited is also the Omantel’scompany. The company’s word:- “WorldCall launched its business in June 1996 with payphone operations. A fundamental shift in technology and industry, […]

Pages: 28 Words: 8491 Topics: Electronics

The Scope of Branding

Acknowledgement I would first and foremost like to acknowledge the generosity of the villagers of Telav, Shela, Kaneti(Gujarat) and Amgachia(WB) who in spite of their busy life took time to let me understand their lives. I am also deeply indebted to Prof. Rajat Iyer and Prof. Arbind Sinha, Faculty MICA,for being a thesis guide in […]

Pages: 34 Words: 10201 Topics: Attitude, Brand, Communication, Consumerism, Mass Media, Mobile Phone, Research

Tools and Techniques

CHAPTER- 1 Introduction Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet stakeholders’ needs and expectations. Project management involves balancing competing demands such as Scope, time, cost , quality Stakeholders with differing needs and expectations Identified requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations). The key factor in […]

Pages: 32 Words: 9731 Topics: Economy

Trabalho Para Realizar Esses Estudos

introdução RELEVâNCIA DO TEMA Atualmente, no âmbito da saúde, falta tempo aos profissionais para se aperfeiçoarem. Para que esse aperfeiçoamento aconteça, é necessário o uso de alguma ferramenta que possibilite que esses profissionais não necessitem sair de seu local de trabalho para realizar esses estudos. De todos os recursos de tecnologia da informação e, analisando […]

Pages: 42 Words: 12628 Topics: Camera, Computer, Computer Networking, Human, Information, Information Technology, Mobile Phone

Training and Development in Vietnam

1.1 The importance of the study 1.2 Aim and objectives of the project 1.4 Dissertation structure Chapter 2 Literature review 2.1 Defining the terms: Human Resource and Human Resource Development, Training, Development 2.1.1 Human resource 2.1.2 Human resource development 2.1.3 Training 2.1.4 Development 2.2 Purpose of training and development 2.3 Training and development progress in […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6211 Topics: Employment, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Learning, Mentorship, Strategic Management, Training

Training is Widely Used as a Learning Process

Abstract Training is widely used as a learning process whereby employees acquire new skills, knowledge and competence. In this fast changing world, training can be both an anchor and a lifeline. An anchor if it has a clear, focused objective, and a lifeline if it enables employees to keep up with the pace of change […]

Pages: 27 Words: 8141 Topics: Employment, Hypothesis, Learning, Quantitative Research, Question, Research, Training

Training Organizational Performance

Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.1 Introduction Training has become a key focus for many organizations wishing to increase their capability, to pursue their strategy and to achieve their goals. It has a great impact not only on efficiency and organizational performance, but also on employees’ behaviour within the organization. Flexible training programmes may also help […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6232 Topics: Communication, Employment, Leadership, Learning, Motivation, Organization, Training

Value Chain Analysis

2. Literature Review This section provides a broad picture of the dissertation that includes setting up the arameters and limits to the field of inquiry going into the research. Its aim is to identify key ideas, marketing theories applicable and marketing case studies that impinge upon the area of this investigation. It makes an effective […]

Pages: 24 Words: 7288 Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Fast Food Restaurant, Strategic Management

Variable of Organization Culture and Managerial Characteristics

Purpose – Literature has studied the variables of organization culture and managerial characteristics separately in various dimensions. This study investigates the effects of organizational culture and managerial characteristic on the tradeoff between organizational sincerity and work performance for promotion. Design/methodology/approach – The data was collected using self-administered questionnaire, from managers of different departments. The final […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4109 Topics: Employment, Job Satisfaction, Leadership, Motivation, Organizational Culture, Productivity, Research

About Danone Uk Limited

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Activia and Actimel are the two probiotic yoghurt brands that are currently being marketed by Danone in the UK. The current market strategy for these products is that they are healthy food and part of a healthy lifestyle. Some modifications were made in the currents marketing strategy, which include modifying the current target […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2621 Topics: Brand, Target Market

A Case Study on Aurobindo Pharma

Global strategy for Indian pharmacy companies and the opportunity in emerging markets: A case study on Aurobindo Pharma Focus Aim: To understand the trends in Indian pharmacy companies which have been recently going global by investing abroad with an intention for market expansion? Objectives: To find out the strengths of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and […]

Pages: 7 Words: 1951 Topics: Medication, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research

A Comparative Study of Consumer Behaviour

ABSTRACT: Consumer Behavior is an aspect that is given a lot of importance in the globe of marketing. A lot of products have been a sensation or a breakdown due to inappropriate analysis of consumer behaviour and motivation. Food is a basic requirement for all livelihoods and everybody who earns spends money on food without […]

Pages: 42 Words: 12600 Topics: Attitude, Behavior, Cognitive Dissonance, Market Segmentation, Organic Food, Research, Retail

Adidas Marketing | Marketing Dissertations

Introduction Adidas is a 2nd largest sport wear industry in the footwear market. Adidas is largely engaged with the sport industry, offering customers widespread selection of sport equipments. Adidas segmented its market into three main divisions Sport Performance, Sport Heritage and Sport Style. Company has its market extensive increase in Europe, US and Asia with […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2684 Topics: Distribution, Economy, Market, Market Segmentation, Microeconomics, Target Audience

Advertising Media India | Marketing Dissertations

Chapter 1 Introduction I think one of the major roles of any company whether in a domestic market or international market the role of a marketer is to create an awareness of the product among the general public and attract general customers. However good the product is, without knowledge of the product and desires for […]

Pages: 35 Words: 10504 Topics: Brand, Data Analysis, Data, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Target Audience

AKTEL Mobile Company

“Strategic Analysis of The Current Status of AKTEL Mobile Regarding Marketing & HR Division” Executive Summary According to the Industry Life Cycle, the operation of TMIB in Bangladesh, as it seems, is still in the growth stage. So the investment of TMIB in the prepaid section has been speculative since the last couple of years. […]

Pages: 44 Words: 13299 Topics: Competition, Competitive Advantage, Economy, Human Resources, Mobile Phone, Strategic Management, SWOT Analysis

Aluminum Foil Industry

ABSTRACT This research is an attempt at understanding the Retail Market Scenario of Aluminium Foil Industry in Mumbai. It studies the distribution channel in the industry, factors that have led to the presence of strong brands like Freshwrapp™ and the likes in the Kitchen Foil sector. It also includes a detailed study of the impact […]

Pages: 25 Words: 7441 Topics: Manufacturing

Appropriation of Brand Extension

LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter intends to set the theoretical frame of the thesis by introducing the main areas needed to create the basis of our analysis, shaping the ways towards our own main purpose. Thus, it begins with the roots of brand extension and starts of with the concepts of brand, brand identity and brand […]

Pages: 27 Words: 8081 Topics: Brand, Credibility, Perception, Reputation, Research, Trust

A Talent Management

A Talent Management INTRODUCTION:- Talent management is the process that emerged in 1990 and continues to be adopted, as more companies came to realize that their employees’ talent, skills drive their business success. Companies that have put into practice talent management have done so to solve an employee retention problem. The issue with many companies […]

Pages: 33 Words: 9878 Topics: Competence, Economy, Employment, Human Resources, Leadership, Strategic Management, Talent Management

Bottled Water

“MEASURING CONSUMER BRAND PREFERENCES FOR BOTTLED WATER” Preface “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal” Vincent Lombardi All the knowledge learning and procedures are useless without observations and practical experience. […]

Pages: 49 Words: 14663 Topics: Attitude, Behavior, Bottled Water, Brand, Drinking Water, Research, Water
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