Adolf Hitler and Germany during World War 2

Award-winning poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, is known for her wonderfully composed poems. She was a poet, as well as was a playwright, actress, and a women’s activist. Living in a time where numerous progressions were being made to society, Edna could utilize her verse to express her sentiments about specific subjects.Edna St. Vincent Millay […]

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The Midst of World War 2

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, my loving husband, was a legendary man who was also an amazing president. He had battles all throughout this life and he was taken too soon from me. And not just me, but Caroline and John-John, too. That day is not a day I ever want to live again. November 22, 1963, […]

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Huge Morale Booster

The Manor Farm, which resides in England, is just your typical country residence. You’ve got the field for hay, the barn for animals to spend the night in, and of course the house for humans to live in. Why, none of this would be there if it weren’t for humans to make it possible. The […]

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Population during World War 2

Throughout the 1920s, Adolf Hitler began to consolidate power and gain popularity in Germany’s Bavarian region. Due to economic instability caused by the Great Depression, Hitler and supporters in the Nazi party were able to seize control of Germany. Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 and immediately began enacting laws to support his ideas on the […]

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Allies from World War 2

In November 26, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was in a motorcade in Dealey Plaza, a park in Dallas Texas, when he was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. At approximately 1:00 pm, President John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead. After the assassination had taken place, the entire nation was left in shock as their late […]

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Until the End of World War 2

Deadly diseases have been an issue in developing countries for centuries. Although, their impact has historically decreased, disease affiliated death rates remain high in many places. One of the most affected regions is Haiti, where diseases, such as cholera, have been the leading causes for health related deaths. This matter has been an issue to […]

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U.S. Army during World War 2

Desmond Thomas Doss was a devout Seventh-day Adventist, so he believed that one should never kill another person under any circumstance. He also believed that Saturdays were sabbath. It is easy to imagine that Desmond’s beliefs were very contradictory to his duties when he joined the U.S. Army during World War 2. Although Desmond enrolled […]

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Post World War 2

The novel “Song of Everlasting Sorrow” written by Wang Anyi starts off with the core pieces of Shanghai explaining to the very last detail of what really makes this place such a hot topic. In the very core of Shanghai, locates Longtangs which consists of close neighbors and the cause of fast spreading gossip. In […]

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World War 2 is Occurring

Both Dwight Okita’s poem, ‘In Response to Executive Order 9066: All Americans of Japanese Decent Must Relocation Centers’ and Sandra Cisneros’ short story ‘Mericans’ explore the dissonance being an American born citizen of immigrant decent. The common theme of these two stories is a battle between ethnic culture and immersed culture. Both children of the […]

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1940s Came World War 2

The late 1700s through early 1800s saw a major shift from huge Victorian dresses with extensive undergarments to thinner Greek-inspired forms. This change occurred as a direct result of America’s independence from British rule. The idea behind this shift was to appear less British and more democratic, hence why inspiration was drawn from the democratic […]

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Children Without Parent

In this day and age humans are very diverse creatures, Every bloodline in this world is mixed with at least one other race but we still characterize ourselves into categories such as caucasian, african american, native american, etc with the basing of those categories being how each human appears. Transracial adoption refers to a term […]

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Losing World War 2

Throughout history, many have asked ‘‘Why did the Europeans have such power over Africans and Natives?” Why did Adolf Hitler rule the Jewish?’, and ultimately “How is Climate Change Affecting our world”. Overtime information has been collected, and now we’re able to see the history of these events, with time stamps. In today’s paper, I’m […]

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World War 2 Fascism

There is a kind of culture that was used during World War 2, Fascism. Its meaning and use will be mentioned as well as how it was used in the world. What will be discussed is the origin of it and what was most known for this culture. Primarily, one of the largest things to […]

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World War 2 Propaganda Posters

Throughout my time spent creating in high school and college, my work has often focused upon aspects of myself or the outside world, specifically having to do with influential movements like Romanticism, Impressionism, Symbolism, and Naturalism or Realism in art history. I have previously delved into subjects such as my ancestry, in which I expressed […]

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Civil Rights and Freedom Across the World

What role does Emotion play in our use of justice? Justice- Just behavior or treatment. Emotion- a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with other. (Based on the author she states that Emotion=Justice) In order to have Justice it needs to have Emotion because there can not be Justice […]

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America’s Involvement in World War 2

Everything evolves over time, people, plants, animals, technology, even music. Nothing stays the same for decades at a time, little things change, then more little things change, then one compares it to its roots to find that it is largely different from what it evolved to. Music is no exception. The jazz music came to […]

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World War 2 during the Cold War

The Film “The Century of The Self” by Adam Curtis, opened with Sigmund fraud’s theory about the dangerous instinctual drives inside humans. His nephew, Edward Bernays eventually figured out how to use those drives to manipulate large quantities of people. Bernays was able to show companies that products can be marketed to someone’s unconscious desires […]

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World War 2 and Immigration

I feel that the biggest challenge countries face due population growth is satisfying the increased demand for essential resources like food, housing and energy. Many countries have destroyed their forests in order to expand cities or to convert them into agricultural land. This has adversely affected the regulating and supporting functions of the ecosystem by […]

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Nazi Germany in World War 2

Nuclear fusion and fission are two things that get people very flustered. They sound the same, yet they have almost directly inverse interpretations. Nuclear fusion happens when two smaller nuclei fuse into a bigger, which transmits colossal supplies of energy. On the other hand, nuclear fission happens when weighty, erratic nucleus fuse into two smaller, […]

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Post-World War 2 System

In the world of economy, quite a few things are as obscure as what goes around the mind of the ones in charge. That is what appears to be the case in the article written by Douglas Irwin, where he tries to analyze Trump’s economy policy and what it means in the long run. It […]

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World War 2 Left the Soviet Union

Have you ever turned on a European soccer game and noticed the ads that are on the side of the field? One of the ads you see a lot is for Gazprom. Gazprom is the Russian government owned energy production company from which a large number of European countries receive a bulk of their oil […]

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Unequal Pay

How would you feel if you were putting immense effort into your work while men could be doing the same or even less work and still be making more money than you? Recent studies done in 2018 have shown that a women makes 80 cents for every dollar a man makes (Knowles). This may not […]

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Adolf Hitler in 1939

World war 2 was started by a man named Adolf Hitler in 1939. He came to power in Germany. He created the national socialist german workers party and for short nazi. Germany,Italy,and Japan was called the axis forces then. England,America,and France was called the allies. They were at war. Hitler also was responsible for one […]

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North and South Korea after World War 2

North and South Korea are two countries that were once unified. This, however, changed after World War 2. Korea was split into two countries that were completely different ideologically and politically. This pitted the formerly united countries against each other in what would turn out to be a bloody war. The war began due to […]

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United States after World War 2

The United States fell out of the great depression is October 1939. Two short years after, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Therefore causing the United States to join the war. The U.S. was positively affected because women got jobs, U.S. men had arms to other countries, and we made allies with other countries. All through the […]

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Soldiers in World War 2

Saul Torres SGM John N. Gissel Military 1 (1-1) 28 January 2019 Audie Murphy Audie Murphy full name was, Audie Leon Murphy he was born June 20, 1925 in Texas. Audie Murphy was an actor and a war hero. One of Abraham Lincoln’s principles was, “It is important that the people know you come among […]

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Father Fighting during World War 2

He used to do a lot of jogging and took an exercise class, but because of his age, it’s now something difficult to do. Having been lucky in life because people have been able to help him. He has traveled with his wife, which was enjoyable seeing special places around the world. Doing a lot […]

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The Involvement in World War 2

“We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork ”. The United States Government collects income taxes and gives it Social Security for disability, retirement, spouse and government pensions offsets, trust funds, medicare, and others. This quote was from Milton Friedman as he expressed beliefs against a welfare structured state. Milton Friedman who […]

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During World War 2

On 31 March, 1952 Alan Turing faces the court which have charged him for a gross act of indecency with another man. The jury and the court has just charged him with probation for an entire year and to be subjected for chemical castration or go to prison. After he underwent chemical castration, he was […]

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After World War 2

What Is So Unique About the Contemporary Period? The Contemporary period is the literature period between 1945 and present day. Not only was this a time period but many writers were known to use a contemporary style of writing. Their writing came in response to events that occurred after the end of World War 2 […]

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