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Evolution of Investment Banking

INTRODUCTION At a very macro level, ‘Investment Banking’ as term suggests, is concerned with the primary function of assisting the capital market in its function of capital intermediation, i.e., the movement of financial resources from those who have them (the Investors), to those who need to make use of them for generating GDP (the Issuers). […]

Pages: 56 Words: 16752 Topics: Bank, Corporate Finance, Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Stock Market

Fall of the Lehman Brothers and Bean Stearns

The fall of Lehman Brothers and Bean Stearns triggered the financial crisis from 2007 to 2008. In the case of Lehman Brothers, which was one of the largest investment banks with old history in United States, illustrated the importance of appropriate internal risk management with control. Self-interview threat occurred and was leading to the bankruptcy. […]

Pages: 19 Words: 5746 Topics: Bank, Economy, Risk, Risk Management
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Financial Crisis

Review of the Literature Significance of the Study This is the basic purpose of any study that what significance would it bring? As far as this topic, The Need and Importance of Strong Regulations over Financial Institutions after the Recent Crises is concerned; it is the study of one of the major causes of the […]

Pages: 24 Words: 7212 Topics: Bank, Economy, Financial Crisis, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Money

Financial Reporting Standards

Financial Reporting Standards International Financial Reporting Standards Intr?ducti?n Int?rn?ti?n?l Fin?nci?l R?p?rting ?t?nd?rd? (IFR?) ?r? m?r? r?c?ntly u??d n?w which r?f?r? t? th?n n?w numb?r?d ??ri?? ?f pr?n?unc?m?nt? th?t th? I??B i? i??uing, ?? di?tinct fr?m th? Int?rn?ti?n?l ?cc?unting ?t?nd?rd? ??ri?? i??u?d by it? pr?d?c????r. Br??dly IFR? r?f?r? t? th? ?ntir? b?dy ?f I??B pr?n?unc?m?nt?, including […]

Pages: 26 Words: 7687 Topics: Accounting, Corporate Finance, Economy, Financial Accounting

Financial Sector Reforms in India

Banking Sector Reforms in INDIA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A retrospect of the events clearly indicates that the Indian banking sector has come far away from the days of nationalization. The Narasimham Committee laid the foundation for the reformation of the Indian banking sector. Constituted in 1991, the Committee submitted two reports, in 1992 and 1998, which […]

Pages: 78 Words: 23306 Topics: Bank, Credit Card, Interest, Reserve Bank Of India, Retail, Risk, Risk Management

Foreign Exchange Market

CHAPTER-2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction: It is a fact that the currencies of different countries have different values that is based upon their actual economic and monetary strength. It is from this difference that the genesis of foreign exchange occurs. Foreign exchange can be termed as the act of matching the different values of the […]

Pages: 23 Words: 6764 Topics: Bank, Currency, Foreign Exchange Market, Margin, Money, Reserve Bank Of India, Trade

Forex Market

Acknowledgement I would like to express my profound sense of gratitude to the Dean of International Institute of Planning and Management, Mr. Pabitra Chakravorthy, who has given me a golden opportunity to make thesis on “Five Key Factors That Moves the Forex Market” I am very thankful to Prof. Tarak Shah, Faculty guide of my […]

Pages: 54 Words: 16294 Topics: Currency, Foreign Exchange Market, Interest, Investment, Money, Order, Stock Market

Improving the Risk Return Performance of Portfolios Finance Essay

With the development of the Chinese capital market, more and more investors start to look for a more rational way to invest. To increase the investment return and decrease the risk, investors must learn to allocate their funds in order to diversify risk. However, due to the limited assets that can be invested in, the […]

Pages: 22 Words: 6548 Topics: Financial Markets, Investment, Portfolio, Risk, Stock Market

Information Functions

1. Introduction Information functions as the core of capital market in the sense that all sides of market participants make decisions based on their accessible information sets. As one of the major sources of information in public equity market, company financial reporting lies in the center of company performance relevant information set and is the […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6222 Topics: Corporate Finance, Economy, Financial Statement, Investment, Market, Research, Stock Market

International Oil and Gas Management

INTRODUCTION Energy is a key component of all economic activities in any country. It not only improves the quality of life but is fundamental for sustainable social and economic development in both the developed and developing countries. A secure – adequate, affordable and reliable – supply of energy is thus a necessary precondition for sustainable […]

Pages: 38 Words: 11335 Topics: Economy, Investment, Project Management, Risk, Risk Management, Sustainability

Inventory Management of Nepalese Public Enterprises

CHAPTER-2 Review of Literature There are many researches made in inventory Management of Nepalese Public enterprises and Private enterprises. Most of them has made on the manufacturing enterprises. In this chapter attempts has been made to present the review of literature regarding inventory management. 2.1 Conceptual Framework Inventory Management The writer (Saxena, 2009, p. 2) […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6296 Topics: Economy, Procurement, Supply Chain Management

Microfinance Perspectives for a Socially Motivated Investor

This chapter is designed to enlighten essential notions of microfinance and provide an overview on microfinance institutions. 2.1 Notions of microfinance “The poor stay poor, not because they are lazy but because they have no access to capital.”? Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences One of the critical aspects that impacts adversely growth […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4077 Topics: Bank, Economy, Poverty

Momentum in Indian Stock Markets

LITERATURE REVIEW The first study on momentum based investment strategy was documented way back in 1967. Levi (1967) claims the success of trading strategy based on buying stock with current price significantly higher than the average of last 27 weeks generate significant positive abnormal returns. However Jensen & Bennington (1970) argues that the trading rule […]

Pages: 45 Words: 13480 Topics: Bank, Financial Markets, Interest, Investment, Market, Stock Market, Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Money Market India | Finance Dissertations

Money Market in India Money market is an important segment of the financial market (system) as it provides avenue for equilibrating the short term (ranging from overnight upto an year) demand for and supply of funds. It also plays an important role in the transmission mechanism of monetary policy, as it acts as a medium […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4283 Topics: Bank, Banking, Economy, Interest, Investment, Money, Reserve Bank Of India

Relationship between Corporate Governance Score and Firm Performance

Limited liability company structure is the most preferred structure for a large business. In this structure, a large number of investors provide the risk capital. They are called shareholders, the deemed owners of the company. They delegate the power to manage the company to board of directors. The board delegates the same to managers while […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6323 Topics: Corporate Finance, Economy, Investment, Research, Stock Market

Standard Chartered Bank (scb)

Executive Summary The competition in the banking sector is increasing at a tremendous rate. MNC banks in India are doing well in India and Standard Chartered Bank being one of them wants to increase the consumer base. Therefore, it is trying to do this through retail banking. At this point of time the bank is […]

Pages: 52 Words: 15683 Topics: Bank, Banking, Economy, Investment, Market, Money, Reserve Bank Of India

Study of Internet Banking in Malaysia

Introduction. Background of study: Many scholars claim that electronic banking started in the 1970’s. However, evidence showed that the first visible ATM machine was introduced in the year 1981. The ATM- Automated Teller Machines- are a great component of internet banking. They serve as a great alternative to the brick and mortal branches. Afterwards, tele-banking […]

Pages: 10 Words: 3063 Topics: Bank, Banking, Credit Card, Online Banking, Research, Retail, Risk

Study on Mortgage Lending Patterns in China

Introduction – Objective – Why study this issue – organisation of the dissertation With China’s rapid economic development, urbanization advance, driven by domestic demand and improved living standards, the residents’ demand for housing improvement has been increasing. In the foreseeable future, China will have a thriving real estate development space and potential. Financial support is […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2571 Topics: Bank, Economy, Interest, Risk

Study on the Financial Sources for Smes

Introduction SMEs are those industries, which are unquoted in a stock exchange, run by few individuals or a type of family businesses having connection with shareholders. According to South West Venture Fund, SME is a company or business that has less than 250 employees and has an annual turnover not exceeding approximately A£24 million. SME […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3636 Topics: Bank, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Interest, Money

Study on the Market Response to Stock Splits Finance Essay

The market response to stock splits is investigated with the dataset from an emerging country – India for period 2006 March 2009. study reports significantly positive abnormal returns on day of split execution and next trading day. regression analysis suggests that the reaction can be attributed to liquidity hypothesis. The postsplit period experiences abnormally high […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3732 Topics: Financial Markets, Hypothesis, Investment, Market, Research, Stock Market

Study on what a Mortgage Loan is

Mortgage Loan is a type of loan that is secured by real estate or personal property through the use of a mortgage note. Mortgage loan is an agreement to payback with interest in something during the due date. According to Anglo-American property law, a mortgage occurs when an owner pledges his interest as security or […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2113 Topics: Banking, Debt, Economy, Interest, Money, Personal Finance

The Bases of Credit Risk in Banks Finance Essay

According to European Central Bank, credit risk is defined as “the risk that a counterparty will not settle the full value of an obligation – neither when it becomes due, nor at any time thereafter”?; similarly, credit risk is the risk that a borrower will not meet its obligations according to agreed terms (Basel, Jul […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2771 Topics: Bank, Banking, Business Law, Debt, Economy, Money, Risk Management

The Conjuration that Brought its Wizards

ABSTRACT The 2008 Financial Crisis has established itself as one of the most significant phenomena to have befallen the human race in recorded history. Not since the Second World Was had the entire globe shared the bitter-sweet broth of calamity and even the Great War had not consequences as far reaching, as damning as those […]

Pages: 42 Words: 12660 Topics: Bank, Debt, Interest, Monetary Policy, Money, Stock Market, Supply And Demand

The Financial Institutions

Definition of Project Finance Financial institutions use a particular type of lending known as project finance when funding a developing mining project. The loan is repaid from the cash flows generated by the project with no recourse, or only limited recourse, to the company as a whole. In non-recourse lending, no tangible assets exist until […]

Pages: 43 Words: 12999 Topics: Debt, Economy, Feasibility Study, Interest, Mining

The Impact of Financial Leverage on Investment

The term Investment is frequently used in jargon of economics, business management and finance. According to economic theories, investment is defined as the per-unit production of goods, which have not been consumed, but will however, be used for the purpose of future production. The decision for investment, also referred to as capital budgeting decision, is […]

Pages: 15 Words: 4430 Topics: Corporate Finance, Economy, Investment, Money

The Performance of Hedge Fund Relatively in UK

1.1-Introduction: Hedge funds are actively managed portfolios that hold positions in publicly traded securities. Gaurav S. Amin and Harry M. Kat (2000) stated on their report that “A hedge fund is typically defined as a pooled investment vehicle that is privately organized, administrated by professional investment managers, and not widely available to the public”?. It […]

Pages: 16 Words: 4728 Topics: Corporate Finance, Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Money, Stock Market

Transaction Credit Goods

Balancing rights and duties of parties in a letter of credit transaction Introduction The letter of credit is the most commonly used method of payment for goods in international trade. This thesis highlights the imbalance of the rights and duties of the parties in a letter of credit transaction by emphasising deficiencies in the letters […]

Pages: 48 Words: 14302 Topics: Business Law, Civil Law, Common Law, Contract, Government, Justice

Urban Development Corporations | Finance Dissertations

The Impact of Urban Development Corporations on City Centre Manchester Manchester has seen radical change in recent years from its traditional 19th Century appearance of an industrial city to a modern 21st century city, with a mixture of modern, traditional and natural architecture and planning. Urban Development Corporations (UDCs) aim to move from a place […]

Pages: 28 Words: 8469 Topics: Capitalism, Natural Environment, Natural Resources, Rights, Socialism, Sustainability, Sustainable Development

Working Capital Management and Profitability for Listed Companies

Working capital management (WCM) refers to management of a firm’s current assets and current liabilities, which is also a primary function that support firm daily operation such as used to funds its stock, credit sales, and credit purchases. The management of working capital is important in order to maintain its liquidity in day-to-day operation; to […]

Pages: 19 Words: 5750 Topics: Corporate Finance, Demand, Economy, Research

Change Detection in Land Use and Land Cover Using Remote Sensing Data and Gis

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Studies have shown that there remains only few landscapes on the Earth that are still in there natural state. Due to anthropogenic activities, the Earth surface is being significantly altered in some manner and man’s presence on the Earth and his use of land has had a […]

Pages: 25 Words: 7618 Topics: Data Analysis, Human Impact On The Environment, Nature
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