Emotional Expression Online


Technology evolution in communication has brought an impact in the social relations which tries to reflect constraints and power of the medium. For instance Cell phone help in transmitting vocal information as auditory signals so as to achieve immediate vocal contact with the virtual audience. The main visual signals including gestures and facial expressions are eliminated although they add valence and nuance in during communication.

Depending on the conversation the vocal message can as well have socially potent nature and the listener could smile or laugh. During a study aimed at media constraints on affective communication, it was clear that deaf signers laughed and showed similar gender pattern as hearing subjects in vocal conversations (Colley & Todd, 2002).

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The computerized medium of text messaging is different from cell use since it is not able to hear or see those in conversation. There is no variable time lag based on the time it was posted and it’s regarding time on the website in the research emoticon use was used.

Punctuation effect describes the placement of laughter in the stream of vocal speech it gives insight in different aspects of evolution and production.in a speech laughter might occur in some places thus it is associated with phrases boundaries, pause or end or beginning of questions or statement(McFarland,2002).

Laughter placement should be in higher order process organizing linguistics expression and not low-level process. The punctuations of text emoticons are not as clear as that used in placement of laughter in conversation and signing and breathing in speech needing a greater degree of voluntarily. The face to face and computer-mediated communication has a similarity established by the punctuation of the text by emoticons irrespective of the mechanism (Bargh & McKenna, 2004).

The use of text gives an important comparison of laughter and conversation. Since the emoticons have been given similar manner as laughter. Emoticons play important role in the works left unfinished and unpersuasively in a website posting. There is a need for further research that will help in understanding how to text message and emoticon are used as social discourse such research should explain, more on age demographics and social, gender of emoticon users.


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