Education and Philosophy

Every person in the world who has the ability to think and ponder over the facts of the world always looks at the simplest things that usually are taken by individuals as they have been in practice since the ancient times. Education is one of such things that the people of modern day world have just taken as an everyday life necessity or as something which is crucial for a person to get so as to make a living for himself and the people that will be associated to him closely afterwards in life. Little do the people understand that there must be a distinct philosophy for each person through which he or she can define what education means to them personal attributes they observed in themselves as a result of adapting that specified philosophy. This essay is my attempt on defining what my personal philosophy of education is and how I, as a teacher, see it or can describe it to others. My personal philosophy of education simple yet I feel it a little difficult to explain it clearly to others. First of all you must understand my notion that education must be something that a person gains with his or her own passion while freeing himself or herself from all the pressures and pre conceived notions of the society and cultures.

A person who has always been longing to get to know more about literature or arts will not ever be able to happily learn anything new or any information from the field of maths or sciences if he is forced to do so no matter how useful or interesting it seems to the human mind. I believe that education is something that an individual gets to add more to the previously existing knowledge of what he or she has even be interested in and some parts of what have already had been there in his or her mind. If a person struggles every passing minute of his life just so they can learn something from their degree although they have never been interested in learning that, I will never call it education no matter what prestige is associated to the subject he is learning or whether the institution he has been enrolled in is the best in this world. Education, I believe, is meant to empower people, to enable them to use their creativity and abilities constructively apart from providing them with knowledge. And any kind of education, which is being forced over the individual, has not this ability to do even one of the above mentioned things hence loses the right to be called as education.

As a teacher, I meet every kind of student. Some of them are passionate and happy while the others lack the motivation to even come to the classes. Some love to speak while others, even while being filled with a lot of wisdom dying to come out, are silent because the knowledge they possess is not meant for the classroom they are in. It is important for me as a teacher to help my students realize their personal abilities so that they grow as empowered individuals to be constructive citizens. I want them to be able to speak up for what they feel is right for their temper and be brave enough to for the field of study which they feel interested in no matter how down it is looked upon by the society. The purpose of educating the individual must also include opening up their minds in such a ways that their future vision is clear to them and they are able to work for the betterment of themselves and of others. It is important to me because it will help me play my part as a teacher who support people and help them make their future. The purpose of education is to increase abilities of people.

The curriculum should be based on experiential learning in which learners discover new ideas and ways of doing and creating things through their own experiences. We have to understand that constantly glorifying and teaching the historical achievements of the past over and over again is not of that much use. Instead, new and interesting ways of teaching novel ideas and things can open up a whole new world of inventions no matter how much developed a field is. The curriculum should not have memorizing as its sole objective instead it should only be used a guiding force using which the pupils should be motivated to explore new ways and embark upon whole new avenues of precious pearls of knowledge and wisdom. Teacher should have strong relationship of facilitators. It is an unfortunate event of the modern day world that a teacher has been started to be seen as someone who is always rude and fears kids. The actual idea of a teacher must be the total opposite of what had been prevailing since many decades.

The teacher’s duty is to be the most non-judgemental person a student can always look up to and ask questions from without the fear of being looked down upon at or being judged just because of being unaware of a certain thing. Teacher Student should respect and value their students and only then they can demand the respect in return. They should be on such high value or morality that the students take them as their idols and want to become like them in near future. Teachers should be approachable and friendly. They should allow students to share their ideas and grow up as eager learners. The teachers should never discourage children. Seeking to promote the students’ abilities along with enhancing their willingness towards learning is a very common practice. The best way enhance the interest of students in learning and promoting their willingness to become a better learner is to build an unconventional class room setting where there is an interactive form is discussion. Such type of class rooms have been proved to enhance students’ mental capabilities and to intrigue their interest in learning more than that done by following old methods of teaching.

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