Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

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There isn’t a specialized trial for Alzheimer’s dementia, instead using a number of approaches and tools to help form a diagnosis. These approaches and tools consist of: Acquiring a background in patient’s behavior changes.

Acquiring patient’s family and medical background

Asking a family member to offer their view about alterations in intellectual capabilities and behavior. Conducting mental tests and physical and neurologic examinations. Having the individual undertake blood tests and brain imaging to rule out other impending causes of dementia indications, such as a tumor or certain vitamin deficiencies. In special cases, operating CT Scan to find out if the individual has high levels of beta-amyloid, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s; standard levels would suggest Alzheimer’s has no relation with cause of dementia.

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Diagnosing Alzheimer’s dementia demands a thorough and widespread medical evaluation. It will take a number of days if not weeks for a specialist to pass judgement and conclude the symptoms of the patient Brain Changes of Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s can have harmful effects on the brain by increased production of the protein beta-amyloid and an irregular structure of protein tau. The protein tau seals off the movement of vital molecules and nutrients into neurons, while the beta-amyloid are hypothesized to trigger cell death through the disturbance between neuron-to-neuron interaction within the synapses.

The amount of beta-amyloid can affect the scattering of protein tau within the brain. Additional brain alterations include inflammation and atrophy. Immune system cells named microglia are made active in the presence of toxic beta-amyloid and tau proteins causing the microglia to attempt removal of these toxic molecules and widespread waste produced by dead or dying cells. If the microglia are unsuccessful in this, it is believed to cause chronic inflammation. As mentioned previously, beta-amyloids cause death of cells, and if to many cells are lost, then it can cause a brain atrophy or shrinkage of brain size.

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