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Measures of Central Tendency

The one single value that reflects the nature and characteristics of the entire given data is called as central value. Central tendency refers to the middle point of a given distribution. It is other wise called as ‘measures of location’. The nature of this value is such that it always lies between the highest value […]

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Measures of Dispersion

Summery The measure of central tendency, as discussed in the previous chapter tells us only about the characteristics of a particular series. They do not describe any thing on the observations or data entirely. In other wards, measures of central tendency do not tell any thing about the variations that exist in the data of […]

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A Study of the Indian Stock Market

1.0 Introduction Seasonal variations in production and sales are a well known fact in business. Seasonality refers to regular and repetitive fluctuation in a time series which occurs periodically over a span of less than a year. The main cause of seasonal variations in time series data is the change in climate. For example, sales […]

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Impact of Information Technology on Banks in Bahrain

Information technology and permeated almost every aspect of business operations and communications technologies. So it is a one of the most exciting research has been focusing on the wide interest in all parts of the world through the decades, but little was devoted to study the impact of information technology to banks in Bahrain. This […]

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The Car Market Within the UAE

INTRODUCTION: It’s not just the new cars who face a strong market in the UAE, but also the used cars have always been very much in demand. “The used car market in the UAE is worth around US$2.5 billion in business and it is growing by a strong 15 per cent annually,” according to Kerem […]

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An Introduction to the Capital Asset Pricing Model

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is based on the Markowitz’ portfolio model, and its development is associated with the work of Sharpe, Lintner, and Mossin, is mostly used to in finance to measure the stock returns. It requires estimates of risk-free rate, expected rate of return on market portfolio and estimate of beta to measure […]

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The Correlations between Alumni Giving Rates and Graduations Finance Essay

The data suggests that the distribution of percentage Alumni donation rate is normally distributed with estimated mean of 29 and standard deviation of 13.44. Scatter plot of Alumni giving rate and Graduation rate. The plot suggests a statistically significant [F(1,46) = 61.3, P < .001) positive correlation of .756 between graduation rate and alumni donation […]

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The Impact of Ownership Structure on Companies Finance Essay

This paper shows calculation of a sample about 500 observations using a software SPSS which analyzes and explains the effects of the share holding structure on corporate performance. The recent studies of Jensen and Meckling 1976, Fama and Jensen 1983, and Hart 1983 indicate that the managerial ownership of shares in a firm create conflicting […]

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Business Statistic

UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI P E T RO NA S @t C OU R S E DATE TIME . GA B 2O13 B2133BUSINESS / SM STATISTTCS / QUANTITATIVE METHOD 27 MAY2008(TUESDAY) 2 . 3 0PM- 5. 30PM ( 3 hour s) INSTRUCTIONS CANDIDATES TO 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Answer FIVE(5)outof SIX(6)questions theQuestion from Booklet. BeginEACHanswer a […]

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