Cristian Castro : Informal Writing

Cristian Castro ENG 101 Informal Writing 1 3/11/2019 Ethnicity. Ethnicity is a group of people that are identified in similarities for example like common ancestry, history and language. An example of ethnicity can be Spanish or Chinese people which are different cultures and languages.


Multiculturalism has a large range of meanings for example in sociology and in our daily live usage its used in which a large of groups with different ethnicities are together without having to sacrifice their identities and it can be described as an mixed ethnic culture.

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Bilingual Education.

Bilingual Education can be where people are learning 2 languages which are their native language and another. For example many people are learning English as a second language since almost in all around the world they use English as a secondary language and it easier to communicate.

Protestant Work Ethic.

Protestant Work Ethic or the Puritan Work ethic is a work ethic concept based in sociology, history and theology and that emphasize the hard work and mostly this are the result of a person’s subscription to the values espoused by calvinism and a person will not need to be a religious calvinist to follow the Protestant Work Ethic.


Meritocracy is a political philosophy that holds certain things such as power or economic goods and its based on talent which it will note be focused based on sexuality, gender or race and it will be based on their efforts and achievements American Exceptionalism. American Exceptionalism is an ideology which holds United States as a unique nation even if its positive or negative connotations and it will respect the ideas from others and it will respect their personal freedom.

Colonial Shelters.

Colonial Shelters are buildings that are associated with the colonial period of the United States and these are building which remained since the period from 1600 all the way through the 19th century.

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