Criminal Justice: Capstone Questions

The system of criminal and social justice has been plagued with several issues that are making it to be ever changing in the society. Among many issue that has been associated with the social justice system, this paper will highlight about the equity and fairness.  The government of the US is working to make sure that it balances the acts in the constitution to make that all the citizens are protected from the effects that may arise as a result of living in a society where there is lack of equity and fairness. The system of social justice is overarching its societal apprehension about the issue of in equality and unfairness that could be triggered by factors like racial segregation and poverty.

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The system of social justice employs the key concepts of fairness and correctness with the idea of promoting equality and equal opportunities to all the members in the society.

The system of social justice in US has the main objective as to ensure that all the citizens can afford the same privileges and same opportunities and protection. This will help to address the issue of rights protection that as indicated in the US constitution. Some of these rights that will be supported by equality and fairness   in social justice include the free public education, equal opportunities in employment, right to participation in welfare programs and finally the universal right to participate in elections by voting. It is a fact that social justice is vast in the US and it is working to encompass equal economic, social and political rights for all citizens. However, the effectiveness of the social justice system has been slowed down by some factors like the individual liberties but there are set criminal justice processes to deal with the violation according to the criminal law. For instance, the American society has defined that it is wrong to treat people unfairly and unequally and hence has set some laws upheld by the criminal justice system that in place to promote social justice.

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