Creative Product Promotion

creative product promotion     P5: Campaign is the powerful marketing tool in any organisation. It rise the brand awareness toward the globe and so as the profit to the business. In order to create an effective campaign strategy, the marketing team need to know the key element of the successful campaign. H-world mobile group is the Chinese company which is dealing in manufacturing electronic such as mobile, television, laptops and etcetera. In this task, I will design a promotional campaign for the H-world mobile. Creating a successful campaign, there should be enough researches and surveys which assists to know the target audience, the launching period and the perfect time to advertise in the Medias. Product: h-world mobile is the android smart phone touchscreen. It is about 5 inch and very thin whereby a person may carry it even in pocket. The memory storage is of about 64 giga-bites. So far, there are phones are available in four colours which are black, white, pink and blue dark where both male and female may choose the colour they want. The target market of this phone is high quality people because the phone has important feature which is new in the market. Demographically, the target users is from 18- 45 years people. The unique selling point of H-world mobile is having an emergency button on bottom right side which function when emergency happens. The button is connected to the insider system and so when go over it, the place location may be seen in the emergency stations like police and fire emergency services. This influence many people eager in purchasing the phone. And this is differ this phone and the competitors. The main competitors of H-world mobile are Apple and Samsung. Packaging is important in business, the packaging of the H-world mobile is in the box, blue for men and red is for women. The boxes is designed with silver letters and the shining silver logo. C:UsersAishaDesktopholding-cell-phone.jpg Figure 1: present the H-world mobile phone (diagram from wisegeweek,n.d). Price: the value of the product is very high in the market as they are just introduced. The price will be 345 rial Omani which is affordable to middle and high income earners. The discount is there of 5 rials. For the frequent customers or the customers who buy more than five phone, the will be a customer relationship programme whereby the customer may get the benefits when he/she redeem certain amount of point. The pricing strategy which the business used is skimming method. This tend to be high initially, but when competitor produce similar product, immediately the goes down. Skimming price strategy influence many people to purchase the product because majority believe that the higher the price, the best the product is. Apart from that, establishing the skimming method helps the organisation to recover all the costs that they have spent in doing surveys and researches. Many competitors launch their phones with penetration prices since they have no such huge unique features that influence the customers to move from one brand to another. Place: H-world mobile is available in many stores. It is distributed in more than twelve countries like China, Japan, Denpasar- Bali, Oman, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Tanzania and etcetera. Example of the phone stores that the company distributes here in Oman are include the Jumbo Group which is located in City Centre Seeb and Zahra Phones which is located in Lulu Hypermarket Mabeilah, the shop is on the right side of the entry door. Not only that, but also the H-world Group have the retailers and wholesalers from Dubai, therefore I have a fixed and reasonable price for them. Usually they get discount of about 10% of the total price. Promotion: this is the core of the business, as logo of the brand is eagle with wide wings this shows how power the brand is. In reaching the organisation aim, there must be several types of promotion which advertise the products, H-mobile is advertised in both above the line and below the line Medias. The above the line adverts are include in the football pitch when the international match is played, the adverts is placed there for several times. This phone is advertised the television, social medias like Facebook and Instagram since the targeted people are the most users of social media. Printed brochures and leaflets is distributed in colleges, offices and in the telecommunication companies like Ooredoo and Oman Tel. Moreover, personal selling, there some marketers tend to go to the customer’s places to influence them to purchase the phone due to its significances. The best time to promote in the television is in the afternoon or night because many people is in the house at that time. C:UsersAishaPicturesCamera Figure 2: present one of the bill-boards that is located in city centre Campaign objectives: Promote environmental sustainability in the industry. Keeping the environment safe create awareness of the community toward the brand which may increase the purchasing power in the market. Consumer involvement, this motivate the customer to have the knowledge on certain product which may influence him/her to purchase the items. Budget: a business set about 2000 Rial Omani for the promotion campaign. To conclude, that is the design of promotional campaign of H-Mobiles to meets the needs of campaign. This is the important marketing strategy in any business entity. M3: Campaign tend to be effective and succeed after doing several researches and development to determine the target audience of certain product. Promotional campaign assists the organisation to fulfil their objectives. A marketing team of the company need to set effective tactics of presenting campaign. They should aware of the timings, how to reach the target group and segmenting their customers expertly. Target market: after doing secondary and primary researches where it helps the business to identify the actual target audience. We feedback were found where it shows, the target market of the H-word mobile is high and middle quality people who earn not less than 500 rial Oman as his/her monthly salary. Not only them but also students in the high school and those in colleges and universities. Demographically, the phone is suitable for 18-45 years old people. This is because they are the one who often visit the social Medias and internet browser is one of the important feature that is available on the phone. They always look for the speedy internet because many tasks can operated in mobile where there is strong internet network. Nevertheless, occupations is the important element that campaigner need to consider because it may help the businessman in conducting his/her job wherever he/she goes since there is availability of effective network coverage from service provider. Learning the customer’s interest is very important since it bring the closeness and builds trust towards the brand. Selection of media: choosing the right media is very important when producing a campaign of new product. So far I have chosen three types of media which are social media, television and international newspaper because it reach large number of people. I have used these types because majority is using social networks, so I create a page there where they can see the new items when releases. The example of the social network is face book ass known below Figure 3: it shows how the organisation campaign its product in social media of Facebook. Furthermore, I have use to place the advertisements in the newspapers because some student’s is using public transport, and therefore they read the newspaper from their way college to home this may help in getting more customers. Timing: the launching month after summer because, every one eager to buy new staff when he/she come back from summer holidays, they don’t want to return with the same phone, and most of the young stars do not like to stay with the same phone for long period of time. September was the best month because immediately when h-world introduced the sales were of 68% and accumulated high market share that time. Testing: Alive testing influence many people to purchase a new product in the existing market. This is the best way of enhance the customers. Observing the features makes people to buy the phone. This helps the business in gaining more customers. Budget: the total budget of the campaign project is 2000 Rial Omani, 500 R.O for airtime in the television, this helps the advertisement to be seen by majority from aged 30t 45. I have try the level best to spend money according to the required budget, in newspaper three adverts are of three types which are at the front page ,in side page and the back page. Since the product is new is more suitable to place it in the cover page, so I bought only half of cover page in the newspaper of Times of Oman by 250 R.O. All in all, those are the tactic that I have use in preparing the rational for the promotional campaign for h-world mobile. Research and development plays big role in identifying the appropriate target market, the effective media and etcetera for the purpose of make the promotional to succeed. References: Wisegeek.(n.d).what is a mobile phone. Retrieved on June 10, 2015 from

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