Controversial Issues: Suicide Rate in Las Vegas/ Nevada/ or Us Southwest

According to the report, Nevada has been considered to have the second highest suicide rate in the United States of America. The residents have a greater probability of dying from a self-punished act than being killed at the hands of another (Szanto, 15). The new study which was released by the state Health Division indicated that there had been a long mistaken opinion that suicide cases in Nevada are highly correlated to visitors and tourists who commit suicide there. In contrary, the study known as an injury in Nevada revealed that suicide victims are twice likely to be Nevada inhabitants than visitors (Szanto, 15). Male people are four times expected to commit suicide than their female partners.

The joint report that was stated by the state Health Division and other different organizations indicates that in  the year 2006, the suicide rate in Nevada stood at 19.2 deaths per 100,000 locals, which was about twice the county`s average rate of 10.9 deaths per 100,000 citizens. Furthermore, Nye County had suicide rate which was comparatively high of about 34.3 per 100,000 people while Clark County had an average rate of 17.9 deaths in 100,000 locals. The report also indicated that rifles contributed in 60 percent of Nevada`s suicide cases (Romero, 40). The study also reveals that older men among 75 years had the highest rate of suicide cases. Also, women among the age of about 45-54 years had a highest suicidal rate about older men. This was majorly due to the increased risk of being detected with fatal illnesses, physical illness, and major depression (Szanto, 15). Also, the report says that the suicidal rate for Nevada surpasses the national rate due to either illegal or legal misuse of drugs.

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