Constitution of the USA and the State of Georgia

In any government both federal and the states, constitution is a significant aspect that provides the rule of law for the political system. As such, a Constitution helps in distributing power between various institutions, protects peoples’ rights, and provides the procedures of carrying out business. The United States Constitution provides a federalism type of government where it allows distribution of power between the national government and the states.

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Understanding state constitutions would require an in-depth analysis of their historical roots. As such, an analysis of Georgia’s ten constitutions would give an overview of its social, political, and economic development. Similarly, its history would provide various aspects of how its constitution was written and revised. Despite numerous differences that exist between the United States Constitution and that of the state of Georgia, there are certain similarities between the two documents regarding the way it governs the people.

The United States operates under the first constitution while Georgia acts under the tenth constitution. On the other hand, the United States Constitution provides the structure of the federal government and therefore gives direction regarding the limitation and the range of its power. As such, the United States Constitution governs all the American states while Georgia’s constitution is limited within that state. The Georgia constitution contains eleven articles while the United States Constitution has twenty-seven. However, there are only twenty-seven amendments in the US constitution while the state of Georgia constitution has several amendments to narrow down various policies (Fleischmann and Pierannunzi 4). Article five of the US constitution provides the authority to amend the constitution, and the Archivists has the power to administer the ratification process. After approval by the Senate, the amendment process goes for public participation where the citizens provide their views make inputs regarding the proposed laws. When the two legislative houses Pass the bill is the amendment allows for easier and successful passage and ratification of the amendment. Additionally, the state of Georgia constitution describes the structure of the state government and contains the bills of rights which is missing in the federal constitution. Also, the state of Georgia constitution is longer than that of the United States since it focuses on limiting power.

The United States Constitution has various similarities such as both have undergone through different amendments to ratify various articles. Similarly, both documents devote articles to the three arms of government, the legislature, executive, and judiciary. In both cases, the Georgia constitution and that of the United States has the executive control the budget. On the other hand, the judiciary settles matters affecting various the arms while the legislature approves expenditure and revenue.

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