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Studying the Existence

CHAPTER 2 Literature review 2.1. Theories on Multinational Companies: Review and Synthesis 2.1.1. Introduction In the process of studying the existence, growth and business activities of multinational companies, various theoretical approaches have been developed in the past forty years, depending on the scholars` fields of specialization, perspective and objectives. It is particularly important to distinguish […]

Pages: 49 Words: 14556 Topics: Collectivism, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Market, Oligopoly, Social Capital, Strategic Management

Institutional Variables Affecting Managerial and Employee Behaviour

The international business literature highlights the importance of global integration and the increasing interfaces, which exist between people, nations and cultures within the modern multi-national corporation (MNC). Managing a MNC requires a management of differences with local distinctiveness increasingly positioned as a point for competitive differentiation (Hartmann, Feisel and Schober, 2010). The pressure for global […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2503 Topics: Behavior, Collectivism, Economy, Employment, Institution, Organizational Culture
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Why is it Important for an International Marketer to Study Culture

Why is it important for an international marketer to study culture? Outline the main techniques available for undertaking cultural analysis? Where once marketers of goods or services may have targeted customers only in their domestic market, the globalisation of the business environment through improved technology, reduction in trade barriers and emergence of large multinational corporations […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2288 Topics: Behavior, Brand, Collectivism, Leadership

Managing People and Organization – Coloplast

Managing People and Organisations COLOPLAST A/S – ORGANISATIONAL CHALLENGES IN OFFSHORING 14 July 2010 Word Count – 4072 Contents 1. Executive Summary4 2 . Introduction5 2. 2 Coloplast Products and Revenue Contribution in Percentage. 5 2. 3 Distribution of Global Sales6 3. External Environment of Coloplast6 3. 1 Reimbursement Policy Change6 3. 2 Ruling and […]

Pages: 15 Words: 4647 Topics: Collectivism, Goal, Motivation
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