Brain Tumors

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BRAIN TUMORS AND NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Brain tumors are defined abnormal growth of cells within the brain or the central spinal area. It may result in death if not treated. Its physical symptoms are chronic seizures, chronic headaches, progressive neurologic deficits, in children Gait disturbance, failure to thrive and increasing head size. There are also clinical symptoms and some of these are cognitive deficits such as hakims trait of hydrocephalus and visual problems like hemi paresis.

It can be diagnosed radiologically through Brain magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRI’s) with or without paramagnetic contrast, head computed tomography (CT) scans which both provide information on the size, location, morphology, mass effect and clues to malignancy. The cancer may lead to neurological complications such as gait ataxia, papilledema, hemi sensory deficits, breast mass and abdominal mass. These tumors can be managed through surgical means such as neuroendoscopy, micro neurosurgery and stereotactic surgery.

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All these may provide tissue for H path diagnosis, reduce tumor load, reduce mass effect and helps prolong useful life. Brain tumors and cancer propel neuropsychological changes which involve changes between brain functions and behavior such as headaches and cognitive dysfunctions which may include memory problems, mood alteration and even strokes. Resulting from brain tumors, patients may develop deficits such as poor attention and concentration, visual spatial processing, mathematics and reading problems, poor visual motor integration and speed and these deficits depend on the location of tumors, size and grade of development.

With some of these deficits, the individual might easily forget names, drive recklessly and even be a ‘‘bad’’ student when in school. Rehabilitation takes place with intervention, during which the patient compelled or counseled on the cancer. Remediation also as a rehabilitation method involves giving out medical drugs to the patient. The rest are social support and multidisciplinary approach, in which different techniques are used.

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