Boston University Application Letter

I must say that I have heard of the great city of Boston before, but never traveled across the continent to see a part of my country with such a deep history, how I hoped that education would grant this opportunity. I am from Oregon, when I first asked my parents about some of the great colleges to apply, my father responded with a question,have you ever heard of the amazing East Coast? and my mother added,Why to live and die in the West? They told me great stories about their lives as students at Boston University and I can see that they turned out to be great people. I knew for sure what I wanted.

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I went online and made contact with my friends already enrolled at the Boston University, I must say that I like what I see, I need a school that not only develops me academically but also socially, Boston University has all that I need. To add to the conducive academic environment, Boston University is among the highest ranked colleges offering psychology programs.

When my high school science teacher first mentioned the role of the brain and its part, one element that surprised me is how the brain controls a part of us that is not even tangible since then, psychology as a subject always intrigued me. Over the years, I have only grasped fragments of the power of the brain, but it is now time to pursue a course that I believe is the greatest of all science. I was fascinated when I learned that US NEWS on Educational Ranking and Advice ranked Boston University clinical psychology program position 2 among other top-ranking schools in the country, with a score of 3.9, I knew for sure that it is the right place for me. I checked the faculty’s website to see what the university has to offer, I realized that the departments have pools of highly qualified lecturers, many of whom hold a Ph.D. The course outlines are just what I needed. With all A’s in my cluster subjects, I believe that I have what it takes to study psychology at the University. If accepted, I believe that the knowledge I will gain will help me achieve my long-time goal of helping people overcome mental disorders that are currently on the rise.

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