Assisted Suicide – Dignity in Dying

Today we are going to talk about assisted suicide and why we shouldn’t be for it.

Assisted suicide is becoming very popular and that is not a good thing because it is teaching us that life is worthless. As this becomes more accepted the number of people doing it will rise. There is evidence where it has been legalized the number of suicide has risen for people with no terminal illness. In the Netherlands over a period of several years, according to one survey, there was a sharp increase in people killing themselves due to psychiatric distress, namely depression and loneliness. Some may ask why object to legalize assisted suicide especially for the terminally ill?

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If people want to take their own lives why stand in the way? Well for one doctors should not help their patients kill themselves . The whole history of medicine has been about improving or healing patients, reducing suffering. Assisted suicide is the opposite of good and responsible medical care. Secondly every humans life is precious and worthy of honor. Killing some even someone whos already dying is wrong you can’t just inject a needle into them and let them die because it implicates that their lives are worthless. Going against assisted suicide would mostly affect the terminally ill. They would want us if assisted suicide isn’t a choice then too find another solution for them that can reduce their suffering. Alternative actions for assisted suicide could be mental health and palliative care, pain management, and dying naturally. Most people seeking assisted suicide suffer from depression or other mental illnesses, physical illness, or simply loneliness.

Rather than helping suicidal people to kill themselves, we should offer them treatment and support. For those in physical pain, palliative care and other pain management can manage their symptoms effectively. Worst case scenario nothing helps them and they die naturally rather then assisted suicide making their life feel worthless.

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