Art and Civilization

1. Explain the contributions of the Maya to art and civilization, describing at least one Mayan work of art as part of your answer. Please include page number from your book where art piece is found. The Maya invented a written language, a great calendar, advanced mathematics, and huge temples made of stone. The temples that they built suggest that the Maya priests were high power. The walls of their temples were richly carved and painted. On page 343, I found a great example of the Mayan art. The art piece is called Lintel 24 from Yaxchilan. This art piece is a sculpture. The sculpture has written symbols on the sides of it. There is a King standing holding a flaming torch. In it as well is his wife kneeling in front of him facing towards him. This is a really interesting sculpture because it has true meaning to the Mayans. The sculpture also has the wife drawing blood from her tongue. She has patterned clothing on. Their clothing is very detailed with textures. 2. Describe a totem of the Tlingit. What is it, what does it signify, what does it look like? A totem of the Tlingit that I liked personally was the Tlingit Community House totem. “A totem is an object such as an animal or plant that serves as an emblem of a family or clan; it often symbolizes original, prehuman ancestors. ” The Tlingit Community House totem has shapes of beavers, bears, whales, and ravens. It also consist of symbols, “which held a family clan to remember its history back to mythological times, much like a family crest. 3. Describe the Cubist movement, including a discussion of its various phases, major artworks and artists. Together, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque came up with investigation that ended up leading to Cubism. Cubism was the most influential movement of the 20th century. It influenced the basic visual structure of many of the notable paintings of this century. Color was part of this time but structure was the main thing. One of Picasso’s paintings of this century is Les Demoiselles D’Avignon. This piece, according to the book, “shows radical departure from tradition. ” It shows many shapes and angular figures. Another art piece is by Georges Braque called the Portuguese. It is a portrait of a man sitting at a cafe table strumming a guitar. This piece is an example of the analytical phase of Cubism. This phase was about geometric references to certain views of subjects. During the Synthetic phase of Cubism, artists combined abstract with realism. 4. Describe the rise of the Dada movement. What were its aims? What are some examples of its typical works? The rise of the Dada movement came because due to the war, a number of artists, writers and intellectuals – notably of French and German nationality – found themselves congregating in the refuge that Zurich  offered. It aimed to fix the destructive absurdity of war that was caused by traditional narrow minded values which they set out to overturn. One example would be the scultpure THE SPIRIT OF OUR TIME which expresses a truth about our culture. Another is the of THE MULTI-MILLIONAIRE which is an indusztrial age man stands as a fractured giant among the things he has produced.

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