Animal Hoarding is a Form of Animal Cruelty

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How would you feel if you were born and taken away from your mother just to be treated poorly and abused? What if no one knew that type of stuff was going on and you were left defenseless with nobody to lean on? Most people have pets at home that they love and carful and wouldnt know how to handle their baby (in animal form) being treated cruel. Considering that humans and four-legged animals all have feelings and suffer from pain and cruelty, the United States must treat those who inflict pain on animals with the same punishment use for humans who hurt other humans; animals cannot speak for themselves, so people must be held accountable by one another and be required to treat animals with respect and kindness or suffer fines and jail time for any and all cruel actions.

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“Animal Hoarding is a Form of Animal Cruelty”

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Most animal cruelty/abuse case are never talked about and almost always overlooked. The numbers are rising for arrest as more and more crimes are becoming crueler. According to Human Society, Animal cruelty includes intentional, malicious acts of harm and less evident perdicaments where the needs of an animal are neglected. According to The Guardian website, calls to cruelty hotline rose by nearly 5% in 2016, but charity says increase reflects more sharing of abuse footage on social media. 5-7 million animals are put in shelters each year, more than 20% of dogs left at a shelter had been adopted from a shelter, the number of stray cats alone in the U.S. is estimated to be about 70 million.

All animals need to be cared for no matter what condition they are in. If someone were to abuse my pet, I dont think I would take that lightly being that it would extremely hurt my feelings. Imagine being an animal just for a second. Put yourself in those shoes and see if you agree with the way they are being treated. Imagine being locked into a cage with no food or water and getting picked on and itr’s nothing you can do; how would you feel? Imagine getting out of that cage and having someone love on you for just a second. You would feel as if you finally found something special and have a go to. According to the Humane Society, of the United States with over 10 million supporters, everything extra counts. They love the animals but there are many who indeed need many things done.

Animals being used for research and nothing is being done to stop it. Scientist doing research use many cruel manners for them to experiment. Some do not get various amounts of foods, they get tortured, and are put through many situations no one would want to go through. This is for many selfish reasons, as to seeing how stuff works on them in to regards as to how it will react on other animals or even humans. Animals deserve the world just as well as us humans. Animals could be your best friend, but it just all depends on how you treat them. A lot of individuals go out their way to make sure they take care of, show love to, and protect their animals, simply because they are like babies to them. People feel as if it isnt beneficial to them then itr’s not an important story that has to be told.

Dogfighting is one of the most heinous forms of animal cruelty. Fighting dogs are typically raised in isolation, so they spend most of their lives on short, heavy chains. They are regularly conditioned for fighting through the use of drugs, including anabolic steroids to enhance muscle mass and encourage aggressiveness. Fighting dogs may have their ears cropped and tails docked close to their bodies to minimize the animalr’s normal body language cues and to limit areas that another dog can grab during a fight. (Matt Bershadker, ASPCA President & CEO)

Animal hoarding is also a form of animal cruelty. It usually happens when one takes in. Most animals abuse, neglect, and cruelty cases are never reported. All animals should be cared for home or shelter. Most scientist use animals for cruel acts as to experimenting. These people who abuse and treat the animal cruelty should be put to a stop and these animals have rights just as we do as people, we shouldnt go against them. (Daniel Gonzalez, Tyler L, Chris G,)

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