Andrew Carnegie – Life and Family

Andrew Carnegie was born November 25, 1835 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. His dad William Carnegie was a weaver. His father immigrated his family to the United States in 1848 due to economic downfall.

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They moved to Allegheny, Pennsylvania. In 1848 Andrews dad was jobless and was in poverty. His father then started working in cotton factories, but later on ended up just making linens at home. Andrew then started working at age 12. He worked as a bobbin boy in a cotton factor. He was working very hard and teaching education to himself and also taking some night school. Most of his childhood was lost because of how much he worked.

When Andrews dad died in 1855, he realized that he should get an education. He quit his job in the factory and began reading, theater and music. He was able to help out his mom and run the household with what he was making. Before his dad had died he did get a job when he was 14. He became a messenger in a telegraph office. He eventually met Thomas Scott, and he made Carnegie his private secretary and personal telegrapher in 1853 when Andrew was 18. This is where he really starts real work. He later then took the job as superintendent of Pennsylvania Railroad at the age of 18. He helped lay down railway lines in Washington D.C. This helped Carnegie get managerial skills. This soon led him to big things and Thomas Scott was a big role in his success.

Andrew Carnegie made his first big move. His very first investment. Carnegie’s first investment was $500 in Adams Express in 1855 with the help of Thomas Scott. All the way up until 1870, Carnegie invested in small iron factories. He would take trips to England and would sell bonds and bridge companies. Andrew had a big role in putting together Woodruff’s company and George M Pullman’s company. He then thought that iron would be replaced by steel hence. He then ended up setting a steel rail company in 1873. Not long after the steel furnace that Braddock started with steel rails in 1874. Andrew then went to make one of his biggest investments in Story Farm on Oil Creek in Venango County, Pennsylvania that was about $40000.

Later on Carnegie had his own business know as the Carnegie Steel Company. He changed the steel world forever. He made manufacturing steel easier. He was putting plants up all around the country. He owned railroads, and ships to transport goods. This put Andrew on top. He was one of the most successful and wealthiest man in the business. Although at this time the company was at their high they did have a low. In 1892 the company tried to lower their wages. The employees were not happy at this certain steel plant. They went on strike that went violent that caused guards to have to come. They now call this Homestead Strike of 1982.

Andrew Carnegie had hit a high point in life. He was getting old and felt like it was time to go on with his life. So he sold his company to United States Steel Company in 1901. He earned more than $200 million. He was 65 years old. Just because he sold his business Andrew Carnegie wasn’t done yet. He had all this money, so he turned to helping others. He was building libraries, donating to learning facilities, building schools, and learning centers. He even donated $5 million to the New York Public Library so they could branch out and make more companies. Some of the building he built and established included: Carnegie Institute of Technology, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Because of Andrew Carnegie more than 2,800 libraries were opened. Andrew Carnegie the legendary steel business man ended up passing away August 11, 1919 in Lenox, Massachusetts.

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