An Important Person i Know about – Father

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The person who had the biggest impact in my life would be my father. No matter what he would always make time for our family. On the weekends he would either have barbecues with family and friends or play softball with me and my siblings. My father and I bonded over softball. At the age of four he put me into t-ball to get the concept of baseball to start off with. Eventually as I got older he put me into a softball league called PAL and coached me up until junior high.

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“An Important Person i Know about – Father”

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He was a lot harder on me and pushed me more than the other players which was pretty frustrating at times. I know now it was not only because I was his daughter but he just wanted me to reach my full potential. He wanted to teach me a lesson on how life can be difficult. In order to succeed in life this would help me to see how hard work pays off. I didn’t understand at first but now I see it more clearly. He wanted me to get ahead in life and have a better future for myself. When my father was growing up he didn’t think college was the best option for himself. He decided to get a job instead, even though it was a good job and loved working there. He struggled a lot over the years with trying to make ends meet financially it wasn’t enough. This is why he emphasized on my education and going to college. Which I am pursuing in order to have a successful future for myself.

My father was a friendly, kind, considerate and very stubborn man. Whatever he put his mind to he would automatically do it like a switch. If something needed to get done he would do it himself and If he didn’t know how to do something he would figure out a way to do it. He was very driven by family and friends and his motivation was sports. He loved coaching not only me and my siblings but others as well. He got so compassionate about coaching he started his own travel ball team. It was challenging at first to raise the money and find potential players. Once he figured out a way to accomplish all that he had fun and it created a lot of memories. He created a bond with the players and parents that made him very happy. It became like a second family to him and how much of an impact he had on people was inspiring.

He did this until he got diagnosed with liver cancer he would still continue to go to the games and coach. However once the cancer started getting worse it started to take a lot out of him. He wasn’t able to coach or go to the games anymore and was always at home in bed resting. This left him frustrated because he couldn’t do the same things anymore or provide for us anymore. Even though he was sick he wanted us to continue living and doing what was best for us. Once he passed away it really took a toll on our family and to all the people he was closest to. Nothing was the same not only for the lives that my father touched but for me and my family. Even though we still have support from everyone there will always be a hole in our family that can never be replaced. This is why we try to remember all the good memories we had with him. Not how he got sick because that is not what he would have wanted for us but to remember the person he was before he was diagnosed.

My favorite memories with my dad are not only softball but him being there as a father and not just a coach. He was there supporting me if I won an award at school and there for every birthday and holiday. If I had a bad day or something on my mind he would be the first person I would turn to. He was always there for me when I needed him and I always tried my best to make him proud. Remembering all these things helps me get through life and to keep going because that’s what he would’ve wanted for me.

Not to be sad at the fact that he is no longer here with me. He would want me to live my life and take advantage of the opportunities that will come my way. To stay focused on having a career of my own and not have to worry financially. To find happiness within myself and not rely on others for my happiness. Most importantly to find a passion of my own like he did with being a father coaching and helping others.       

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