An Analysis of the Positive Effects of Video Games on Child Development

The Truth Of Video Games

Convincing people that video games are not going to ruin the lives of the next generation may be a challenging task. People believe that anything new is probably evil, therefore video games are evil. Skeptics believe that video games ruin our children minds and bodies because children are physically inactive while playing them; however, people don’t realize the mental activities that video games engage. In comparison, video games require much more activity then watching TV. At least children have to think about how to solve a problem or decide what to do next when they are playing video games. Watching TV provides no brain stimulation at all.

Parents without knowledge of video games, blame video games for their children’s obesity, and think video games corrupt the mind. It is true that children who play video games probably aren’t as healthy that children who go out and play football are. However, I wouldn’t say video games are making them obese. I think we can attribute overweight children to other factors, but parents would probably argue that junk food and soda have nothing to do with it. The more popular arguments are that video games corrupt the mind with violence and playing them keeps children away from studying. Children never studied long before video games were around. On the other hand, violence is a valid argument. I agree that all the violence probably doesn’t do much for children’s mental health, but violence can be found in TV, books, live theatre and even in the schoolyard. Children and adults both desire violence and that is why most video games have violence in them. People are already desensitized to violence and it’s not video games’ fault. Parents are the only people who can prevent children from viewing violence. Video games do have a rating system, which makes it easy for parents to control the amount of violence their children view.

Video games exercise the mind with complex puzzles and detailed games, which can provide useful information about the real world. One popular game is Tetris, where the object is to fit pieces together before they fall to the floor. This game constantly tests how quick you can think and how smart you are. Another is Myst, where the player has to figure out who did what to move further into the game. In a game like this players have to use their problem solving skills and analyzing skills to beat the game. There are thousand of games like these that make the players smarter. How could people say video games corrupt the mind when these games make the mind more active than school, where half the class sits there brain dead while a teacher lectures. If someone took the time to make school into a video game format, who knows how smart people would become. In addition to brain activity, video games also provide some knowledge. Most of what I know about nuclear science comes from playing games about nuclear science. People who don’t play video games would be surprised to see the detailed information built into them.

People who play video games can develop good hand-eye coordination. All the fighting games and flight simulators require quick reflexes and good use of the hands. The military appreciates the new generation of pilots because of the hand-eye coordination they learned from playing video games. Having good hand-eye coordination helps out in many ways. Another example is operating bulldozers and other heavy machinery. Having good coordination allows drivers of these machines to operate the machines with better proficiency.

Modern arcade games provide good cardiovascular workouts and are fun to play. The latest game is a rafting game where players have to paddle their way through rapids. Gyms now have bicycle games where players race on bikes and steer their way through mountainous trails. Also there are tank games, and human powered airplane games that are becoming popular in the gyms. These are examples of video games that make people who struggle trying to force themselves to go workout, excited about going to the gym. As games like this become more popular and more common, the less people will have to worry about video games causing obesity.

Educational games are a fun way to educate children. Although educational games haven’t gone much farther than third grade level, they are the first step towards making children want to study and do their homework. If people will accept video games and give them a chance, these games may be a solution to the problem that has been baffling teachers since the beginning of school. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children actually wanted to do their homework? There are also games that help students prepare for tests like the SAT. These games are really helpful to students especially when they don’t even know what to study for on these tests.

Video games may have a few faults but overall they are a benefit to our society. There is nothing wrong with having fun, especially if it is a learning experience. Video games have the potential to make hard work like doing homework or working out more fun. I know I had a lot more fun on the bicycle video games than I did riding my bike around the block. People tend to resist change and think that new things are bad. The fact is that video games are good for the world and healthy. The future for video games will bring much happiness to the world.

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