America’s First Declared War is “The War of 1812”

America’s first declared war is “The War of 1812”. This war started in 1812 and was caused by three different situations. First by the British presentiment of American soldiers. Meaning Americans were captured or kidnapped then forced into Britain servitude in the British Navy. This helped Britain fight the Napoleonic war that was going on at the time, but America nonetheless was outraged. This was an insult to america’s honor as they were already paying taxes to Britain just to trade with other European nations.

The second factor that lead america to go to war is the need for expansion onto land that was already colonized by the Native Americans. America wanted more land, specifically more land west to further expand economic opportunities. America had already pushed west, they just wanted permission to claim land west as their own.

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The third reason America was going to go to war with Britain is that rumors were beginning to spread that Britain was encouraging the native Indians to fight against the Americans moving west. This was the tipping point, by the late 1810 fear of war breaking out in their own country was inevitable. The declaration of war came to be voted on and it was a contested vote. This vote was a close one, close to two thirds in the senate and the house. This close vote reflects the America’s want and also scarcity to go to war.

As the war started in 1812 the first strategy was to get the Canadians to join their war efforts. In the Canadian response they called upon the Indians and took Detroit for themselves. America’s strategy was to concentrate on the west or the area around Detroit. The war went back and forth even burning down the white house in Washington. Battles were fought on the Great Lakes, America convince Indians to fight against other Indians as well as the massive victory in the battle of New Orleans. Jackson in the battle of New Orleans only lost an astounding seventy-one men while the British took more than two thousand casualties. This all taking place two weeks after the peace treaty had been signed in early 1815. America survived the war by making a statement at the naval battle on Lake Champlain. This win helped turn the tides of the war ultimately leading to the peace treaty known as the Treaty of Ghent. No territory was exchanged following the war of 1812 and in fact everything went back to normal after the war, for the most part. The Indians lost, taking transmittance losses to their own life and even of their land territories. The war ending also brought an end to the federalist party and a rewriting of the constitution. Although America didn’t win, we didn’t lose either, which on its own is a reason to celebrate. With new found peace between great Britain and the United states there was a freedom that was felt in not being big bothered anymore. America saw itself as a independent country, and found itself producing and economizing on the world stage.

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