American Medicine and the Nursing then and Now

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American medicine and nursing can be defined as the process of the diagnosis, treatment as well as the perceptions of the disease. This process is mainly done in the hospitals where many lives of the people are saved. In this essay, I will discuss the American medicine and nursing in the year 1850.  I will also consider the American medicine as well as the nursing in 2000. I will explain the important four biggest changes and gives the reason why such changes occurred. Finally, I will discuss the essential way of medicine and nursing.

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“American Medicine and the Nursing then and Now”

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American medicine and nursing in 1850

During the 1850s, America medicine as well the nursing was only a family affair. Females were supposed to take care of illnesses while still in the household. The households were very thoughtful, life intimidating illnesses were doctor’s subpoenaed it. It was the domestic medicine was used. Domestic medicine was the United States medical practice that involved the combination of the house remedial as well as and a limited methodically trained procedures conducted out through the professional physicians. Those people had the type of authorizations need to have, traveled lengthily as they exercised medicine. There was an exercise of midwife so as to attend the females during the time of the birth and giving birth was a very common profession for the females because most of the child bearing took place at homes and not in hospitals (Dunn 850).

In addition, the ancient medicine was founded on the traditional Greek belief for the four senses of humor which was of the rich blood, mucus, black bile as well as the yellow bile. The Balance between the humors was the main tool towards the health. The disease was thought to have been caused by more or little fluids. The curative control of hot, unkind, dry, and then wet preparations, then a many of plants. In addition to herbs, were also extremely regarded in 1850, at this time the required individuals who were on the bone settlers then the doctors who carried the operations had no formal training. Medical doctors with medical degrees as well as scientific training started displaying up on the United States countryside in the late foreign era. Medical schools were frequently unlocked by surgeons who were required toward recovering United States medicine as well as increase the medical occupation thus making sure the high rank in the America. With technical training, physicians became more commanding as well as practiced medicine as minor businesspersons, indicting a payment for their amenities (Susan 850).

At the mid of  year,  America doctors who had  only the medical exercise started  stressing on the clue that germs, as well as the social conditions,  might cause as well as well as spread diseases , particularly in town. Numerous cities came up with the dispensaries where very many medicines towards the poor and then provided free doctor service. The spread of cholera, diphtheria, tuberculosis, as well as yellow fever, lead about hygiene and the sanitation where the city administration constructed very many departments. During this year, the new advancements for studying the bacteria started to be used as the germ theory also became accepted as the main cause for the diseases.  This time was the phase of the spread of the diseases as well as poor sanitation.  The public health which was being sponsored by the government as well as the health care that the private healthcare started to expand systematically.

As the United States became progressively urbanized in 1880, the hospitals were constructed by the city administration so as to treat the poor began treating them. Physicians, who had high power or the authority, stopped wayfaring to their vilest patients as well started treating them beneath the roof. United States clients who could pay were cured were in smaller, frequently private rooms. On the progression or changes that were made in 1850 included first positive ovarian cystectomy, morphine isolations, curare investigated, cerium disc, cautery that was used for the liver abscesses as well as the splenic disease and steam sterilization was done during this time (Henderson 62).

American medicine and nursing in 2000

In 2000 is when the global genome plan produced a waft of the humanoid genome toward the people. The biosphere would be able to read the complete set of the human hereditary information as well started mapping the genome. There was also Physicians and Patients Harness data Technology.  When the clients came to the hospital they did not have to think of signing in a pad with a pen, then sit in the waiting area whereas the doctor wrenches patient’s folder. However, physicians used the skill had altered the exercise medicine of good lives.

In the same year, the heart attack Disease as well as even the death decreased in two thousand. It decreased by forty percent. Those who were searching for the improvements in the public needed to look and not further compare to the realm of the world of the heart disease. There earlier days, the clients used to go to the hospice with the soul failure, and the best would be performed and they were also to place a client in a area which was dark, then give them morphine for the pain as well as lidocaine which doctors bad trust would prevent the serious irregular heartbeats as well as had to hope for the best. People could die to lead because of such diseases. In 2000 curing the heart attack which all was about the speed hence saving the lives of the people. The targeted therapies for cancer started expanding leading to the new drugs.

Hartford Foundation Organization for Senior Nursing released rules so as to make sure the baccalaureate nursing graduates had all the knowledge and skills to offer geriatric care important to the aging Americans. The Senior Nursing Care were intended to go hand-in-hand Basics of Baccalaureate Schooling for Qualified Nursing Rehearsal, the complete values that explained the necessary knowledge, standards, as well as core abilities likely to the bachelor’s degree nursing alumnae. The new rules define thirty scientific competencies essential for nurses to deliver first-class care to elder adults as well as their relatives.

There was also poor housing and poor food for the patients in the hospitals. Since there was the advancement of the in the medical science technology as well as the health care delivery the population of the people who were old had more clients with chronic conditions. In that period about thirty-five million Americans were aged and had more chronic conditions while half of this had multiple of those conditions.

In addition, the most of the illness burden while the health maintenance resources that were connected to the chronic circumstances, the health care scheme was prepared then oriented mostly thus giving the attention for the acute maintenance as well as inadequate during a meeting the needs for the frequently ill was done by the specialist. There was few clinical program that could give the full complement of all the services which were required by all the individual who had suffered the heart pressure, diabetics, asthma as well as the other popular chronic situations.

The studies signified that there was an effective treatment of chronic conditions wants to be continuous all over settings as well as the types of all the providers. The doctors and nurses wanted to be to collaborate with each other as well as the clients had to develop joint care plans which had agreed upon the implementation steps. For the instance, the care would support the client’s self-management as well as encompass the regular doctors. There was an application of the patient centered and the proficient in the informatics applications.

Four biggest changed that occurred

On the great changes that have occurred in the America in the field of medicine as well as include the use of the electronic health records. This is used to ensure that there are big advances in the centralization as well as of the patient data. It may also be used as a data as well as the population health tool. There is also use of the mobile health. The m-health are the releasing heat devices of the wires as well as the harmonies enabling the doctors and also the patient’s alike to confirm the healthcare processes on the go. It ensures that the patients, as well as the patients, are to become active performers in their treatment by linking the message with the biometrics. One can take the blood pressure base wireless (Monteiro 81).

Another change is the use of the telemedicine. The cost benefits of the telemedicine may be ignored either, for instance, patients may be able to obtain a full valuation over the film talk with a doctor. Dues were mechanically made, however, the dues are a summary to issue out old-fashioned house cost. Setting the definite healthcare price aside. There is the use of the portal technology. Clients are progressively becoming very active –players in their individual health care, as well as the pivotal skill, is one tool helping them to perform that. The portal technology authorities the patients to contact medical records as well as interact online. This ensures the insalubrious individuals bare closely involved and better educated about their health care.


Finally, the way the essential ways of medicine and nursing are it first provides the background for rehearsal from sciences then civilizations. Secondly, it is important because it has organizational as well as the scheme leaderships. It is important for the quality development as well as the safety. Other important ways include the health policy and then the advocacy. I have realized that the American medicine and nursing was accompanied by the great change which is discussed there above in 1850 and 2000 due to an advancement of technology, technology, and the innovations. Examples of such changes involved the use of the M- health.

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