American History in the 19th Century

American History

Early in the 19th century, America was experiencing a rapid economic growth; as a result, the white settlers faced hindrance in their expansion to the south because the area was occupied by Indians. The Americans and the settlers viewed these Indians as a hindrance towards economic progress; as a result, the federal government was pressurized to acquire the Indian Territory by the white settlers. In 1814, the US military was commanded to forcefully remove the Indians where Creek nation was defeated and upon several defeats, there arose negotiation in form of treaties in exchange of their lands.

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This paper seeks to analyze the American history in the 19th century.

Among the factors that made the Americans remove the Native Americans was to acquire their productive lands. Due to economic growth in America, most of the people wanted to engage in large-scale agricultural activities (Spring p.745). As a result, the Native Americans had to be displaced since they occupied the fertile southern part of the region. Besides, they were discriminated against because they were not viewed as originals of America but immigrants who had come to fill the American land. People wanted their immigration in order to occupy their lands as people viewed them as illegal occupants of American land. Furthermore, they signed a treaty with their land in order to receive support and prevent harassment from some of the whites. This was one of the bases of the Natives to try to reason with the American government since their rights were being violated and were discriminated by the whites (Spring p.745). Furthermore, Abraham Lincoln was against all vices the Americans had. Discrimination, slavery, and even mistreatment of human beings were what he fought against (Spring p.756). This is because he viewed all people as equal under one government of all the people. Thus, it was wrong to treat non-Americans as less-humans.

Conclusively, Native Americans occupied the fertile southern side of America. They receive mistreatment and their land grabbed by the whited in the name of Americans originals. However, Abraham Lincoln, who was an American president was against this vices and describe the government as a government of the people. He was against the treatment of fellow human being as less human.

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