Alvin and Racial Differences

Brains Pay at Last

Alvin was born and raised in a neighborhood mainly dominated by black Americans. His father received a promotion and they relocated into an estate that was predominantly occupied by the whites. His father secured him an admission into one of the best schools in the state.

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The day before school opening day was the longest in his life. Time moved slowly. When he finally got to school, life wasn’t as he had imagined. Every pupil in his class was white and they all laughed at him sheepishly when he introduced himself in his Black American accent.

Neither of the pupils in the class wanted to share a desk nor a table with him during lunch break. Times were becoming boring because no one was willing be his friend. Alvin became lonely, bored and stressed. He went back home and narrated the whole story to his father and his dad simply told him, Listen son, you might have a different skin color, but the composition of your brains are all the same.

Their brain is not painted white, neither is yours painted black!’Alvin worked hard in his studies as much he was subjected to stares and sneers. An extrovert at a younger age, he turned himself into a shy introvert because of the ill behaviors of fellow students. He would mostly spend much of his time locked at his home studying while the other kids were having fun. Surely, good brains pay at last. When the results were released, he topped his class much to the disguise of other kids. Indeed, our skin color doesn’t reflect on our brains.

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