Abraham Lincoln’s Biography and Ideology against Slavery

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a cabin in Hardin county, Kentucky. He grew up on farms of the frontier. His parents were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. His father was a migratory carpenter and farmer. His mother died in 1818 not long after the family arrived in Spencer County, Indiana. His father would eventually marry Sarah Bush Johnston. Abraham didn’t have any formal schooling, but he taught himself by reading small books frequently. Lincoln settled in a village of New Salem in 1831. He won over the people in the town by how great he was at storytelling and his raw strength. In 1842, he married Mary Todd.

Lincoln was elected to the state legislature in 1834. He served four outstanding and successful terms until 1841. He achieved height as a Whig. After serving as a state legislature, he obtained license as an attorney and moved to Springfield. He became a partner of John T. Stuart. After practicing law, Lincoln got back into politics. He entered the national scene by serving in from 1847-1849.

He was viewed as unpatriotic to his constituents and lost popularity at home. He would eventually retire from politic after not being rewarded with the office he wanted after he helped Zachary Taylor. After that, he returned to practicing law again. In 1856, he became a Republican because his views were leading him away from his former party the Whigs and to the Republican party. He rose quickly through the party as a moderate opponent to slavery. He was nominated by the Republicans to challenge Douglas in the Illinois senate race.

After accepting the nomination, he gave a roaring speech in support of the Union. The famous line from the speech was “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” He led an impressive campaign, but in the end, he lost to Douglas. In 1860, the Republicans nominated him for President. Lincoln became the 16th president of the United States. He was viewed a political knack who against all odds abolished slavery.

The Civil War was fought during his presidency. It began on April 12, 1861 after Fort Sumter was fired upon. Lincoln made some horrible decisions when it came to the military, when he ordered the direct advance into Virginia which resulted in the Union defeat at the battle of Bull Run. He also went through many of commanders until he found Ulysses S. Grant. In 1862, after the battle of Antietam, Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation. It took effect on January 1, 1863. Lincoln always hated slavery and called it immoral.

Lincoln would eventually win his reelection after a tough battle. Lincoln had many accomplishments throughout his presidency. One of them was, him signing the Emancipation Proclamation. Another success he had during his administration was when they pass the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States constitution. It’s abolished slavery and involuntary servitude. This was the first step of three Reconstruction amendment adopted after the Civil War. He also dedicated a national commentary to soldiers who had died at the Battle of Gettysburg. He did four months after the key battle of the war. He had few famous lines and one of them were “that all men are created equal.”

He gave some amazing speeches like the House Divided speech and Gettysburg Address. Some more of his accomplishments were the Homestead Acts and the establishment of United States Department of Agriculture. Unfortunately, on the night of April 14, 1865, Lincoln was shot by actor John Wilkes Booth while he was attending a show at Ford’s Theater. Lincoln died the next morning.

Many people including his opponents mourned his loss. Most people in history considered him a martyr. Lincoln was such an influential figure that a memorial was built to honor him. It is called the Lincoln Memorial. It is located in Washington, D.C. My opinion of Abraham Lincoln is that he was by far of that greatest presidents in history. He did so much for our country to put it on the right track. He stood for a noble vision, great humanity, and outstanding political skill. He was a great debater and that’s key to be a great leader.

When people think of American democracy they think of Abraham Lincoln. He was a man that the country needed at that time and the things he did is what made him a great president. He might have had a difficult time during his presidency, but that is what shaped his presidency into what it was. All of his accomplishments came at a time when the country was literally divided. To me this is why he is regarded to one of the best there was because of his policies that he enacted.

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