About the Religion of Judaism

Throughout the religion of Judaism, there is a vast number of subtopics that a person can articulate from listening, reading or just hearing about Judaism. There is a very broad spectrum of pros that come with being a follower of this faith, such as having some of those questions that people have been wondering for years answered and building hope that there will be a day when God comes back. On the flip side, there are some cons about this religion such as giving the misconception on if God gives pain as a punishment or just allows it to happen due to some past events from the “Chosen People” of Israel..

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Making a statement like this is not something minute that you can just brush off to the side and act as no one has ever said anything on the topic. Some people will take that saying in the wrong way and get this misconception that God wants bad things to happen in the world and wants to punish everybody in it because of the sinful nature that human beings are inherited with from the people of Israel. This creates a controversial issue in the world because it causes people to have hate for God that he never had for the people of the world. Without speaking on the good and the bad of this faith, this religion is a religion based off of God creating the earth and everything on it, Abraham being the founding father of the religion, their beliefs that good deeds will get them to heaven, how their souls will undergo this abyss where it will stay forever, how there is evil in the world because the people of Israel rejected the laws, and the reason for life on the earth is to fulfill the purpose that God has for their life.

The religion of Judaism definitely has some flaws about it, as the other religions do also, but is a phenomenal religion to be a part of where person can really learn to expand their knowledge on information that they were once ignorant on and about actions that are practiced in the faith that can be applied within their daily life.

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