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There are numerous people in the world who have the talent. Some of them are painters, some are singers and some are actors. Each artist possesses the skills that are not common and everyone in this world cannot do the same things that an artist can do. From all the arts, painting is the special art which visualises the things that painter have in his mind. A painter can draw the portraits and design the things which do not exist in reality but those exist in their mind. This is something that attracts the viewers and makes this art special. In the 20th century, there were many famous artists who contributed to the field of painting. Those artists showed different paintings to the world for that reason their name remains still in the history (Frida Kahlo).

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In this essay, the researcher selects the Frida Kahlo who was the famous painter of the 20th century. She painted many portraits, pictures, and drawings which made her famous. Her entire life is worth reading because she spent her life on bad due to illness and disease. Her paintings are still famous and those are shown in the exhibitions at the different places in the world.

About the artist

Frida Kahlo was the painter of 20th century. She was born on the 6th July 1907 in Mexico. She was famous for painting the self-portraits and she was among the best painters in the country. She started painting at her early age when she faced the severe accident. She grew up in Mexico, her father was the photographer and her mother was the housewife. Her father was from the Germany who moved to Mexico where he met with the mother of Frida and they got married. The mother of the artist was the half Amerindian and half Spanish. However, the artist had three sisters from which one was younger and the other two were the older. She lived her life in her family house later that was named the Blue House or Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo).

In her early stage of life, she had the bus accident also she had polio at the age of 6 which destroyed her leg and foot, therefore, she was not able to walk hence she remained on the bed for the nine months. Even after the recovery, her leg was not functioning properly, therefore, she covered her leg with the long skirt. Her father was the old man and he supported her every stage of life. Her father encouraged her to participate in the sports so that she can recover her leg immediately. She played different sports such as soccer, wrestling, and other games. She was also interested in the swimming and other similar activities. She had a strong relationship with her father (The Life And Times Of Frida Kahlo).

Artist attended the famous school in her city that was the national preparatory school in the year 1922. There were a limited number of female students in her school and soon she became famous for her boldness and bravery. In her school, she met the famous muralist of the city named Deigo Rivera who was working on the project the Creation of School campus. After a few months in school, she joined the group of students who were interested in the politics and intellectual views. One day she was traveling with her leader in politics then suddenly an accident occurred. In that accident, she was seriously injured and she had to stay on the bed for many weeks that was the turning point in her life which made her the famous painter (Frida Kahlo).

Life of the Artist

In her free time she used to paint at the bed and most of the times she added that she paints herself because she is alone all day and she knows her situation. In many of the paintings, she reflected her situation. Soon she reconnected with the Deigo Rivera and showed him her work of painting and asked for the suggestions. Soon their connection converted into the relationship. Although her mother opposed her choice Frida Kahlo was active in the politics and social works, therefore, she married with Deigo Rivera. She married him when she was 22 years old.

Soon after her marriage, she had to travel a lot because the profession of her husband was to design the building and he was also an artist. Therefore he moved different cities for completion of their projects. In her married life, she moved to different places, such as New York City, California, and San Francisco. Meanwhile, she also polished her painting work and she added the realistic components in her drawing which made her work more attractive and acceptable. A few years later she came to know that her husband was not sincere with her. He had many affairs one of them was also with the sister of his wife. That news made the Frida sad and she started painting the different sad paintings. Soon after the news, the couple started living separately but soon again they lived together. She also cut her hairs to show the sadness because of her husband (Frida Kahlo).

The contribution of the artist in the art

Frida Kahlo was the bold and brave Mexican women. She gave the world a new version of art, her contribution in the art is never forgettable. Her work shows that how she explained her life and different other things. Her portraits are clear and telling whole the story clearly. Many of her portraits are exhibited in different places in the world. When her father died she was attacked by the chronic disorder and she faced the severe challenges. At the same time, her portraits got the popularity and her work was exhibited in the different museum. Many good knowns porosities gave her the contract of paintings which she painted (The Life And Times Of Frida Kahlo).

In her paintings, she described her situation and explained how she was facing the different challenges in her life. Her painting added the value in the artwork and gave Mexico a gift. Her art is famous all around the world and her artwork has revolutionized the field of art. She influenced many people and artist by her work and her work is a symbol of efforts and feeling. When the list of best artist is made the name of Frida Kahlo also comes at the top with other famous artists like Picasso.

There are different portraits and paintings which Frida Kahlo made in her life but some of them are still a famous and great contribution to the art. Below are those paintings with the description that explains the purpose behind each.

Frieda and Diego Rivera (1931)

This painting was the artwork made by Frida after her marriage. In this painting, she showed that the couple was standing. It was the Frida and her husband Rivera. The painting was presented in the Exhibition in San Francisco. It was the sixth annual Exhibition of San Francisco society of women artists. The Rivera holds the hand of Frida and the pose of the couple is formal in the painting. That painting is still available in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It was one of the best painting of Frida that was famous at that time as well.

Henry Ford Hospital (1932)

Due to an accident in her early life, she was not able to give a birth to a baby. She was injured and she had to live her life without any child as she could not get pregnant because in her accident she lost this ability. Therefore after her marriage, she had miscarriage two times. In this painting, the situation of the second miscarriage is reflected. This painting reflects that the Frida is sleeping on the bed in Henry Ford hospital and there are different items surrounded her and connected with her. Those items are a fetus, a snail, a flower and a pelvis. This painting is totally personal and she has reflected her pain and feeling by this. This was one of the masterpieces of the painting which Frida Kahlo made in her life (The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo).

The Suicide of Dorothy Hale (1939)

Frida Kahlo travelled a lot in her life because of her husband. Her artwork became famous it was exhibited in the different museums. Therefore Kahlo was asked to paint the portrait of Luce and Kahlo’s mutual friend actress Dorothy Hale. She was the famous actress of her time and she had the suicide because of the unknown reason she jumped from the tall building and died. This portrait was the reflection of her death. Intend of this portrait was to tell the story of actress and the person who requested the portrait wanted to gift the portrait to the mother of the actress. It was not the traditional portrait but the story of Hale. Many people criticized the painting but it is a famous artwork by the painter.

The Two Fridas (1939)

This portrait shows the two pictures of the same person, those people are the Frida. In this portrait, it has been shown that one person is heartbroken and full of sorrows. Her heart is wounded and there are the spots of blood on the white dress. Whereas the other version is covered with the full blue colored dress and it does not have any spot or wound. In this, the painter wants to show the two version one is the loved version and another is the unloved part of Frida. This art became famous and this portraits also showed the dishonesty of her husband who had affairs with other girls. Therefore she reflected that in the paintings (The Life And Times Of Frida Kahlo).

The broken Column (1944)

This portrait is the reflection of her physical challenges. After her accident, she has to face different surgeries and operations which caused the severe pain for her. In this painting, she tells the story of her challenges and pains of life. This painting contains the picture of Frida wearing the surgical brace and she has spots on her body because of the operations. In addition, the picture also shows that the Frida is broken into different parts because of injuries. This picture is specially made to show the life of Frida.

Style of Artwork that artist used

There are different types of artwork that different artists use. Each artist chooses the style based on their skills and suitability of the work. Frida used many styles in her painting those include the Surrealism, Cubism, Modern art, Magical Realism and Symbolism. These styles were adopted by the painter and she used these styles to reflect her situation of life using the painting.

In which Era she contributed

Frida Kahlo was born in the 1907 and she had polio, after that she joined the school and soon she had an accident due to which she had the bedrest for the many weeks. While on the bed rest time she started painting and she died in mid of 20th century. Her artwork was contributed to the start of the 20th century.


The aim of this essay was to choose the artist and highlight the biography of the artist. From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the Frida Kahlo was the skilled painter and her paintings are still famous. She reflected her life in the form of painting. Her life was difficult because of different reasons such as the Polio, bus accident and dishonesty of her husband. In addition, the artwork of the painter is famous and still, some of the painting are available at the different museums in San Francisco.



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