Abortion and its Consequences

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I. Attention-getter: In today’s society, there is a lot of stigma about abortion. According to northcarolinarighttolife.org, abortion is defines as “any premature expulsion of a human fetus, whether naturally spontaneous, as in a miscarriage, or artificially induced, as in a surgical or chemical abortion.” Abortion is a medical procedure that many women decide to make due to different reasons whether that is because they don’t want the baby or they can’t afford to have a child due to socioeconomic reasons among many other personal reasons. Currently, there are many women having abortions around the world with not many side effects and in a safe way. Although people’s personal believes might disagree with actual facts.

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“Abortion and its Consequences”

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II. Thesis: Although abortion has many misconceptions it is safer than what people expect it to be.

III. Credibility Statement: I myself have a good friend that took the decision to have an abortion not long ago and everything went well medically. There were not any complications during and after the procedure. She is fertile and it did not affect her in any way when it comes to her body’s health.

IV. Preview Main Points:

1. First, I will explain the qualifications by law to have a legal procedure for abortion and why is defined in such way.

2. Secondly, I will talk about the statistics on mortality rate, infertility rate, successful medical procedures rate, and infection rate after a having an abortion.

3. Lastly, I will talk about the main reasons of why women have had an abortion or are considering having one.


I. Qualifications to have an abortion legally according to the law.

A. There are many pre-requirements that the law states to be able to have an abortion. Some of this requirements change by state if the state allows abortion.

1. An individual in North Carolina and Nebraska can have an abortion if they are less than 20 weeks of gestational period.

2. In states like New York, Florida, and Nevada, the limit to have this procedure is under 24 weeks of gestational period.

3. In California, there is no limit of gestational period to have an abortion. Although most hospitals and insurance companies cover it during the first trimester no later than that. An unemancipated minor has to go with a legal adult over the age of 18 or they could face $1,000 fine and 30 days in Juvenile prison. The person doing the procedure can be an unauthorized person such as a mid-wife; however, the practitioner has to have completed specified training.

B. Gestational process under 9 weeks of pregnancy.

1. The first trimester, week 1 to 9, is when the fetus implants in the womb. Most women do not notice they are expecting until they miss their period. During this time, the fetus has already developed a heartbeat. It is common during this period to miscarriage in women and morning sickness. Also, this is the period of time in which most abortions take place.

2. During the second trimester is when most women starts feeling better and the baby start to develop limbs and organs. This is the trimester, week 9th to 24th, when most soon-to-be-parents get to know the gender of the baby as well as if there are any abnormalities forming.

Transition: Now I will talk about the statistic rates for abortion in different areas.

II. After looking at the legal stand and gestational process in pregnancy, I will talk about the statistics after having an abortion.

A. These are the statistics after having an abortion done according to Gretchen Sisson and Rowland Brenly in “I Was Close to Death!”: Abortion and Medical Risk on American Television, 2005–2016.”

1. Infertility Rate: It is unknown because it cannot be determined at the moment after the procedure is done unless there is a significant complication.

a. Successful medical procedure rate: 97.89%

b. Infection rate (after procedure): 0.25%

c. Complications after having an illegal procedure: between 20 to 50%

B. Mortality rate in women who have an abortion.

1. Although it is not common, there is a 1.9% of mortality rate after having an abortion procedure either by mistakes made during the procedure or hemorrhage.

2. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, there are 12.1 abortions per 1,000 women from ages 15 to 44. This means that there are 186 abortions per 1,000 live births.

Transition: Next, I will go ahead and talk about the reasons of why women are considering and opting to have an abortion.

III. For this last section, I will focus on the reasons of why women are having abortions and if there are any side effects after the abortion.

A. These are some of the most common reasons of why women are having abortions according to plannedparenthood.com

1. They’re not ready to be a parent.

2. It’s not a good time in their life to have a baby.

3. They’re not in a relationship with someone they want to have a baby with.

4. They are in an abusive relationship or were sexually assaulted.

B. These are some of the side effects that women felt in a study conducted by Caitlin Gerdts, Loren Dobkin, Diana Greene Foster, Eleanor Bimla Schwarz in “Side Effects, Physical Health Consequences, and Mortality Associated with Abortion and Birth after an Unwanted Pregnancy.”

1. Pain

2. Cramps

3. Abnormal bleeding

4. Nausea/vomiting

Transition: In Summarizing, these are some of the side effects after having an abortion procedure in authorized places.


I. Summary of main point: Now that I have introduced you to what takes place in the process of having an abortion, you have learned the legal stand to be able to have an abortion, the statistics of complications after this procedure, and I have informed you about the main reasons of why women decide to have an abortion.

II. Restate Thesis: Abortion is a procedure that is safer than what people think it is.

III. Memorable Closing: To conclude, before having a procedure of this type it is good to be very well informed and to learn the authorized places that are designated to perform this type of delicate procedure.

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